Health Care (Classes) / Disease and plagues

As there will be combat and injuries, with perhaps plagues and disease, I think it is completely appropriate to have at least as one of the specialists in a village to be related to the healing arts.

Depending on the viewpoint of the villagers and their society, it could be either “magical” in nature, more of a shamanistic method, or a proper “science” aspect to how it is performed… but it is still all roughly done in the same manner.

Field Medic - A field medic is essentially a soldier/citizen that may or may not also wield weapons but their primary function is to help assist in a battle field or to be working in a construction zone and be the “first responder” to deal with injuries as they happen. This would also be the first tier in the progression of the classes.

Physician/Doctor - Somebody who has advanced skilled in the healing arts and can help a villager recover from injuries and ailments much more quickly. They can also use potions and herbs or even medicines created by Alchemists and Herbalists (classes already announced) and apply them to individuals.

Pathologist - A physician who has advanced training to discover diseases. Their primary role, in addition to healing people, is to scour the village to find sources of disease and to help prevent them from happening in the first place. Perhaps “warning” the player about unsafe conditions that might need some extra attention or even actively tracking down the source of a disease to get it to end. They could round up villagers to help eliminate sources such as leading a party to kill rats, fill in “holes”, or do other tasks that might be a source of disease. A pathologist also would help a villager recover from diseases faster than even an ordinary physician. They can also identify poisons (including poisons from wild animals or dangerous mobs) and has a better chance of correctly making an antidote.

Of course having a pathologist in the game presumes that diseases and plagues might be something that players would have to deal with from time to time.

Battlefield Surgeon - A physician who specializes in combat injuries and can help villagers recover from combat injuries faster than even an ordinary physician. They would likely not have armor, so they would best be kept in the rear of a sizable army… and well protected but invaluable to any offensive action. They could also mend broken bones and work in an “emergency room” of a village.

The one difference here from what has been proposed earlier is that I don’t think the physician should necessarily come from the path of an herbalist, but instead start off as either a solider or a construction worker becoming a first responder (or field medic) first. Certainly there could be multiple paths to becoming a physician.

There are also several “specialists” that could be envisioned as well, such as an obstetrician or pediatrician (assuming children and families are added to the game). It would be nice to include a nurse as well, as there is a distinctive difference between the roles of a nurse and what a physician does… but I’m having a hard time trying to see how it would fit into a game like Stonehearth and do something different.

Certainly more thought could go into the healthcare professions and provide room for further village specializations. I’m also not sure what the health care equivalent of a Magma Smith might be, but I would imagine that a “super healer” could also be one of the potential village classes in some fashion as well (just as heroic in size and just as useful). Villagers can take care of themselves as well, but the point of a physician is to help make that healing happen much faster so the villager can be more productive… at the cost of forcing one of the villagers to have this specialization.


It seems like a very good idea and i hope the devs implement this into the final game.

So far we know that we have physicians in the game as one of the villager specializations, though I think that his task will only be to heal wounded soldiers and villagers as there has been no mention of disease in the game (unless someone can correct me on this).

So would people like the idea of having to deal with disease in game, if it was in game how do you think it should be done?
I have my own idea on how it could be done by using a point system, meaning that for every villager you have increases your points by 1 some villagers increase your points by more such as the hunter, beast master, rancher and trapper whilst others decrease your points such as the alchemist and physician. Some buildings would also have the same effect dirty buildings increase yours points such as a butchers or blacksmiths whilst a doctors or bath house would decrease the points. Therefore the more points you have the more likely villagers are to get ill or catch a more serious illnesses by set percentages which correlate to how many points you have. Low level diseases would give negative effects whilst higher level diseases can kill villagers. Then of course it would be up to the alchemists and physicians to cure their diseases. This point system though would be behind the scenes and not visible in the game UI so the player isn’t constantly worrying and juggling their level of points.

This could potentially be a mod, might be something I make in the future as I think it adds something to the game and improves realism, and here is a villager looking very ill cause why not.

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Would be for sure a nice idea and I think the “point system” (or a health-o-meter) could work out nicely, too. An alternative could be that your settlers get sick somewhere out in the woods by e.g. touching an infected animal, which could spawn randomly. Also it would be nice if sickness could spread, e.g. if you do not isolate your sick settler and he gets in touch with others, the disease could spread.

Lot’s of potential.


This could make the game A LOT harder trying to control the plauge while being raided by Goblins and all your men away in the field… lots of potinetal and a game changer!

@SteveAdamo readly necro posted this time, but i realy like idea, but i hope i can’t see the number, and the numbers can varry depending on what i have as parts and furniture. Like if i have a outhouse creates more than a toilet, and a lava toilet causes none.

i apologize good sir, but the gist of your post is lost on me… :confused:

but i do like the overall idea behind this suggestion, especially the idea of the class being derived from a military unit… :+1:

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Here is some tables to give a better idea of how it would work and the values given to each unit and how this would contribute to the overall disease level and the consequences.

First this is a table showing the names of some diseases which could be in game and the effects they have on the unit which has that disease. Due to the limited amount of knowledge we have on what stats units can have this is pretty basic and I have only used what we know.

Next is a list of how many disease points some of the units in game would contribute to the overall level of disease, again only using what we know so this wouldn’t be the full list but gives some idea of how it would work.

This final table shows how the accumulated points would then affect a villagers chance of catching each of the diseases.
(Sorry if this image turns out a bit small)

Obviously this is only to give an idea of how it would work and I haven’t included how buildings would alter the disease point scale as I feel we don’t know enough about these yet for it to be worthwhile adding. This would also need a lot of balancing the numbers so as not to have a game where you need a huge number of physicians, but also not one where villagers never get ill.


so, a farmer would have 2 disease points by default… how would be acquire the other 8 in order to have 10, and a 5% chance of green nose?

apologies if you touched on this earlier…

You totally read that wrong I think. I believe it’s meant to be they add to a city total and that determines the disease, it also means that you’d likely have to be very, very careful as currently you’d likely need herbalist and alchemist as soon as you really want to expand beyond your most starting citizens.

why am i not surprised… thanks for the clarification… :wink:

Yes @Xavion is right it works as a city wide total and then each citizen of your town would have the same chances depending on the city total of disease points but because its a percentage chance they may not all get ill or get the same illness.


While I like your basic idea here of points impacting the state of the city, I am not so sure about presuming certain professions are going to be “unhealthy” and cause disease. While easy to model, it just seems too simplistic. There are other ideas you could consider.

My thinking was more along the lines of public health concepts like hauling out the trash, sewer construction, locations of the dump from the water supply, the local rat (or other vermin) population, or general cleanliness of the city.

Since presumably you will be starting out with a core number of people in your village in just an open plain, you would also start with zero points… but all of that construction will soon produce filth that needs to be cleaned up. Where you eat, throw your trash, grow your food, and other similar related topics can all impact your health along with building your city in a swamp as opposed to building in “healthier” areas might also impact what happens.

In other words, you would need to take active steps to keep your city clean with tidy streets. At some point until you have developed certain technologies or implemented certain public works (like building a sewer system or a fire station… to give some examples) the population of the city would be limited… if the population is too large the filth simply builds up or in the case of lacking a fire station you simply have conflagrations which burn the city down. Other ideas could of course be added too.

A physician can of course help cure diseases of the village in spite of less than sanitary conditions, and certainly keep a villager from dying. They could also be mumbling about the filth along the way and possibly protesting about serious problems they discover while making their rounds through the village. This could show up in a message box or simply a thought bubble above that physicians head.

If players simply want to run a town like a 19th Century gold rush boom town where raw sewage is running down the gutters of the streets in random directions, middens heaped right out of the front door, and random bottles of the local ale scattered about everywhere and a rat population everywhere you go… well, that is their choice. They would need to face the consequences of such a town though, and would certainly need to have a third of the residents be physicians treating everybody for disease.

This is just another idea to consider, to take or leave.


Question, if this is implemented will it be a mod or in-game?

well, technically everything in the game is a mod… the difference is if it was created by the developers or by players… :wink: