Job ideas: designated worker, Arquebuser, chef

yeah sorry for the idea spam. It is one thing I am good at. these are all t3 job ideas meant to be unlocked after the township quest.

designated worker
when a town gets big enough having some one out right designated to do the haulling and building before anything else is a needed item. while standard workers still get stuff done a designated one is much better at the job.

info: a worker that can level up and can be given special items to make their job easier. unlike standard workers which only get cloths.

obtaining: blacksmith level 2 crafts a iron hammer.

level 0: standard worker with a 1 block wider build area per "hammer"
level 2: pack order, increases amount of items the worker can carry
level 3: faster movement while hauling
level 4: can carry 3 items to place at once.
level 5: jack of all trades, can help other jobs by hauling supplies for their nextcraft to their crafting tables, as well as craft level 0 items for all jobs.

sepcial gear

leather pack
craft: weaver level 2
cost: 2 leather, one thread
info: gives 3 slots to pack.
requires: designated worker level 2

work boots
craft: weaver level 1
cost: 1 leather, one thread
info: faster move speed

iron toe work boots
craft: weaver level 5
cost: 2 leather, one iron bar, 2 thread
info: faster move speed, 2 defense, faster mine speed.

steel hammer
craft: blacksmith level 4
info: larger build range

lunch box
craft: blacksmith level 2
info: worker packs a lunch, while working may stop to eat for a bit then go back to work instead of heading to where ever you set up the inn or kitchen.

info: an archer that knows their range may move into the new and crazy world of black powder. though it isn’t recomended for most do to the slower attack rate and fact that one must deploy their weapon with a monopod to work.

Arquebus - Wikipedia for info

obtaining: craft a Arquebus , requires engineer level 3

info: has a slower fire rate then a bowman but their base damage is 50 with a 25% AP (upto 75% with ranks) their biggest advantage over bowmen is the fact they have a 50 block range compared to the bow mans 30 though they tend to start firing at a 30 block range.

level 0: base level
level 1: 50% faster set up time
level 2: +50% AP
level 3: +20% damage
level 4: grape shot (at close range fires a set of pellets that stun enemies)
level 5: steady hands (can use weapon with out deploying)

base item: arquebus
crafted by: engineer level 3
costs: 2 iron, 1 wood, 2 coal.
info: a deploy able black powder cannon. takes 2 seconds to deploy but gives a bonus of 50 range and high AP.
damage: 45
range: 70 (sets up around 40)
by default fires stone shot


iron shot
craft: blacksmith level 5
costs: 1 iron bar
info: adds 5 range and 10 damage

steel shot
craft: blacksmith level 6
costs: 1 steel bar
info: adds 10 range and 20 damage.

rifled arquebus
crafted by: engineer level 5
costs: 3 steel bars, 2 wood, 2 coal
info: reduced deploy time, and increased range by 5.

explosive shot
craft: blacksmith level 6
costs: steel shot, coal x2, twine x2.
info: deal damage in an area and DoT, only lasts 5 shots. also gives steel shots bonuses.

info: when the cooks and farmers start to get cluttered it is time to promote a cook to a chef, adding more elaberate meals to your menu and expanding what your farmers can do. a chef excels at ordering your cooks and farmers around increasing their efficiency at their own jobs as well as unlocking special crafts for foods.

obtaining: weaver level 6 crafting a chefs hat, requires cook level 4+

chefs hat
cost: 4 bolts of cloth, 2 spools of thread
does: promotes a cook to a chef

level 0: orderly kitchen: increases amount of food and rate of which a cook can cook. making food cost less to cook.
level 1: knowledge of preservation: food lasts longer
level 2: chefs kitchen, more crafts unlocked
level 3: from farm to table, sets up food on tables and increases farmer work rate.
level 4: order up, automaticly sets up ques for food that your hearthlings like and you have the supplies for.
level 5: shepherds helper, improves your shepherds work speed and feeds farm animals.
level 6: cooking for kings, allows crafting of fancy meals.


work stations

bulk stew pot
info: a large stew pot that can craft 4 stews at once for half the cost. takes up 4x the space of a standard stone cauldron
costs: 10 iron, 2 stone.

cooking station
info: a large table with knives, a stone stove, and small cauldron built in, acts as all cooking stations for a cook and takes up a 3 high, 6 long one wide area.


stuffed bread (sandwiches)
craft requires: chef level 0
info: tells the cooks to create stuffed bread this cooked food gives a bonus to move speed when eaten.
costs: 1 bread, 1 corn, 1 jerky, 1 random vegetable.
feeds: 4 people per item

chopped salad
craft requires chef level 0
info: vegtables chopped up with healing herbs, heals the person that eats it.
costs: 3 raw vegetables, 2 healing herbs
feeds: 4 people per item

stuffed Poyo with herbs
craft requires, chef level 1
info: a Poyo stuffed with carrots and herbs, gives bonus happiness and slightly heals the person that eats it.
costs: 1 raw Poyo, 1 healing herb, 1 carrot
feeds: 2 people per item.

energizing meal
craft requires: chef level 2
info: a mutton and bread meal that energizes the person that eats it allowing them to work longer and faster, a favorite among footmen and archers.
costs: one raw mutton, 2 healing herb, 1 carrot, one pumpkin, 1 bread.
feeds: 2 people per item

meal of melon
craft requires: chef level 2
info: water melon goes well with fried Poyo and stew. this meal is loved by knights and clerks increasing their damage and healing in combat respectively.
costs: 2 watermelon, 1 raw Poyo, 1 meaty stew.
feeds: 2 people per item.

Golden peace
info: a meal that will calm anyone, great for making people happy. kobolds seem to love this so don’t be surprised if one comes by to buy it.
requires: chef level 5
note: boosts happiness by a lot when eaten but can also cause a merchant event that can lead ot a unique town member joining your town.
costs: 4 golden gourd, 4 turnips, 2 melons, 2 healing herbs, 2 cooked bread, 1 raw Poyo, one raw mutton.
feeds: 6 per item.
sells: 100 gold.

info: a good chef knows that what you drink changes how you see a meal, hearthlings that have a drink with their meal get a bonus to energy and get tired slower. bellow are the base drinks that a chef can crate. unless stated drinks just require the item that they are named after.

carrot juice
craft requires: chef level 2
info: a stone mug filled with carrot juice, pretty plain but enhances the meal all the same.
effect: energizes person that drinks it for 2 hours.
looks: large glass jug filled with orange liquid
feeds 10 people per item.

refreshing melon aid
craft requires: chef level 3
info: melon juice is sweat and refreshing, when mixed with the right herbs can cool of even the most hot headed of person.
effect: energizes person for 5 hours after drinking.
looks: large glass jug filled with light pink liquid.
feeds: 2 people per item

herbal berry tea
craft requires: chef level 4
effect: prevents tired stat for 8 hours, energizes user for 8 hours.
looks: a small cup with a light brown liquid in it.
craft: 5 healing herbs, 2 berries.
feeds: 2 people per item.


community stew pot
info: a large storage pot that only holds meat or vegi stew, (select one) a cook will keep it full and your hearthlings will take from it instead of boxes.

table of food
info: cooks will place chef meals on these instead of in storage hearthlings will grab food from these tables and community stew pots first.
when this is crafted a chef will auto que foods based on what your hearthlings want. note this may result in your farms changing what they have planted unless silkweed is planted in the farm.

Sorry for the long post: as stated I think to much.

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take a look into the current items in the “brewery mod” and “stonehearth Cafe”, they have a bunch more plants that you could experiment with.

Why not start by trying making some models of your ideas? Try Magicavoxel, its free, and very easy to use.

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I actually really like the Designated Worker idea, it would finally give workers a chance to level up and get skills like some people seem to want. Arquebuses are cool historically and would be a nice answer to the occasional gun suggestion.