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hi there my names Jamie . and i have created a little chat room called Jamie tavern were you can talk about stone hearth
for example what mods there will be what music etc . but lets try to keep it clean . well that’s it have fun the rules are listed below
don’t bully .
no links ( unless its about stone hearth )
no bad word’s
those are the rules .

Bottle of rum please! None? No tavern without rum? Nor any Ale? Absurd!
It’s like a game that allow crop farming, like wheat, but doesn’t support a decent brewery. None sense…
I’ve haven’t gone through the question bank, but will brewery be supported? Probably not at beta, maybe at release?
If not, I will just have to create that mod! Where should I start? No idea!

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there will be a brewer according to the profession-tree

I’m so happy for that. Putting away “Lua For dummies”


welcome aboard @jamie! :smile:

are you referring to this thread? or did you create an IRC room somewhere?

as @Miturion mentioned, it is indeed part of the tech tree:

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The tech-tree’s art style is weird compared to the in-game art style. Perhaps because its so round.

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its certainly different… but i really love this style… for some reason, it reminded my of dragon quest (or just in general, my 16 bit era)… :smile:

no i just made it so people could talk about the game not like the chat rooms you see on websites also many thanks for the welcome

On that tech tree, you upgrade from a brewmaster to a physician…will be still be able to make beer? Is that not a slightly flawed upgrade if he can’t? :confounded:

And I agree with @RoseyNineOneOne, I think it’s nice, but I’d say it maybe needs a revisit from @Tom, I just don’t see it in Stonehearth. I suppose he may well have seen it though in game and I haven’t so who am I to call it :smile:

I m guessing that you don’t have to upgrade him if you don’t want to and if you wanted the physician you could just make a settler to become one

Well, I wouldn’t worry I would say with 99% confidence that the thing was a mock-up :smile: last time we heard the job system was being reworked regularly.

Ah seriously?! I love the way it looks at the moment, really invokes that Final Fantasy Tactics feel, well, it does for me anyway:


In my mind it looks like it’ll sit quite well, it’d be a really nice contrast, obviously I’d have to see it in-game to be truly confident in what I’m saying.

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You may be right, I’ve honestly not played any games myself that feature such an art style so I can’t really say and the voice of the general public seems to be that they like it so it may well be fine, seeing it in game would be where it would really show through

While I like it also… at the moment there are too many different designs out there. We have the standard design out of the game (like the small worker in front of the chalkboard in the Kickstarter-Video), we have the “wallpaper”-like pictures with different classes and we do have this icons for professions. I also believe it was a mock-up for Kickstarter and that the final release will be centered around a more consistent design.

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hey guys i changed the name to make it look more like a talking area :smiley:

I do have to say… that I find it hilarious that a brewmaster, someone who’s the best at making ales and what not… can upgrade to someone who heals people, like the Physician! Just think of it :stuck_out_tongue: What if your bartender had to do some emergency operating :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao at the idea!

well, there’s a pretty fine line between “spirits” and “anesthesia”… :smile:


Hahaha, good point there! ^^