IT'S HAPPENING: Multiplayer available on another super-unstable Steam branch!


Yes, I agree with your post entirely :slight_smile:
I still think it would be better off as an official thing, however, due to quality and creation of all the necessary support for better mods to enrich the system.
Being something like a toggle, as I suggested, you could simply not allow it on your multiplayer server (the equivalent of what you said about not joining a server that has the “pvp” mod) and so there wouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises nor people griefing others that don’t want to :slight_smile:

Right now the only way to allow it through mods doesn’t really give much control nor the chances to actually make a diplomacy mod, nor distinguishes factions (from what I understood) so it would still need some sort of official support to make it more customizable even if they don’t really add it officially themselves :slight_smile:

Also, unrelated!
Been playing a lot more and with other people and will soon have a new round of feedback :3


Good points.
We could, alternatively, bring a buch of modders together to make it happen. However, I fear the difficulty of code modding has kept modders with the right skills rare in this community. I hope that changes with the upcoming improvements of the modding API.

And then again, a similar strategy could be used for so many feature area’s in stoneheart (a testament to it’s potential, but it would make it difficult to focus!) SO I don’t see it taking off anytimes soon beyond a solo modder.


I think, ideally, PVP would be something both players agreed to, like the trading UI. If all the players wanted a hostile game, they’d just agree beforehand to accept all wars. If players wanted a mostly peaceful game, they wouldn’t. For something in between, deciding if Casus Belli were valid would be up to the players, who’d then agree to fight, as would be making the peace deals. (Perhaps, if players were hostile, “Cease Hostilities” could be an option selected in the trading menu, to make actual peace deals and ensure players live up to the bargain, rather than just agreeing to peace, then making a deal separately.)


Are there any instructions on how to connect to another server when not using Steam? There’s talk of editing the user_settings.json file but I don’t see any lines in there relevant to multiplayer besides max players and a boolean to “allow remote connections”.


Just an idea from another thread. There are definitely ways they could add a fun PvP type of feature without having to resort to Happy Tree Hearthlings.


fun little thing for everonyone to test: you can co-design buildings it seems, by selecting a building a player is building, making sure you both have the same building number in the left top corner, and then getting at it. it takes some getting used to but its really fun! reminded us of the time we made a giant desert city in minecraft :stuck_out_tongue: needs more testing though.
so far we figured out that it doesnt like both players selecting things at the same time, the block tool and hole tool are our heroes.

edit: odd quirks, sticky selection tools etc are rifle when you do this, usualy selecting the hole or slab/block tool fixes this. lots of RMB-ing also helps. oddly tnough building your entire building out of blocks exept the floors might actually be the way to go if you want to do this.


Absolutely agreed. I personally like a “cature the banner” type idea myself.


@Albert some more technical feedback: if you are a mod author and have published to the steam workshop, the game forces you to subscribe to your own mod, even though your own mod is already in the right collumn on the mod files. is this intentional?

(and auto subscribe doesnt work for it, you have to go to your own mod page and subscribe, then you can continue)

also it could be really nice if you could tell your hearthlings to help-build something of another player, for when you want to do bigger builds, or smaller builds faster


Coming soon.


Wow, nice!
also, Im not sure if its just me but if feels like you guys lately are working 3x faster then you used to :’), great job!


@ everyone, important discovery my girlfriend just accidentally made:
multiplayer blueprints DO WORK as long as the host ALSO has your blueprints. same name and everything. !!!

also: if you design a building, have the host select the building and save the template for you, then give you the file after #advanced multi tactics

pic of connected villages using the same blueprints


Well, that’s a start. Hopefully they become a client-side thing eventually, though.


Is there already a list of mods that do work together for multiplayer?

Or any mods that are know for crashing the game?


There’s really no difference between single player and multiplayer in this instance. So as long as they don’t crash in Single, they won’t in Multi.


Out of curiosity, has anyone attempted an 8 Player game stress test yet?

The max I’ve played with is 4 players, but theoretically 8 Players should be possible provided the Host has a NASA supercomputer.

Anyone at NASA want to help out? :wink:


I got a thread on Steam Friends if you want to check it out and you can put your steam username on it and there other usernames on there that you can add :smile:


I’m not sure if they made it to 8 but @Unreal_Gam3er has hosted some pretty big games.


well if you check my most recent post [Determination] Hearthlings get married! that might explain something :wink:


We were 8 players yesterday i think, but i think we only were 6 online at the same time? @Unreal_Gam3er am i wrong? The hearthlings stood idle in shifts…


that is correct @Fornjotr but no issues on an 8 player just now (which is now 7 due to the 8th had to leave and so far so good)