It's about 6 month I am not play this game, and somehow the update still disappoint me

Okey first for all, why you make new system for Job Experience. I love the old way where if you get into new job the experience require to level up will be lowered.

Seriously Please revert to old one that one is more better.
and I still confuse what my men of arms doing in peace because well you know how they can use this weapon if they cannot increase their level?
(Their should be image, but I cannot post an Image more than 2.)
I thinks It would be great that we can change the peace condition on game.
this is one scenario

  1. if the user were play with the setting of peace and then set into war mode.
    monster will come depend of new difficulty
  2. if the user were play with setting of war mode, and change into peace. the monster in the map will not gone and will stay until they being killed by heartling.

I think this one would be great. so not only peace sim city map, this will make the game have a longer live.

The other thing that i was hoping from old time. please let grass grow.
(Their should be image, but I cannot post an Image more than 2.)
this thing already exist from long time ago, and grass cannot grow alone?
I am hate it when I build a road, notice something bad, and when I destroy the road. the path now have a hole in there. . . .

Add more thing.
can you please make the system to get a new Heartling more easy?
at the very first time I play this game, I think it is 0.12.0 I can get my first Heartling at very first day.
Now I need 3 days to get one.
if Dev think it’s fun for player to get a hardness? nope this not something I want. I play this game for fun have my earthing build a city and fight some monster…
not by waiting I get enough heartling and can progress the game as I want.

In future plan. please make our heartling can ride some Hound. I think a Hound Rider is one good job.
Etc : please make canal improvement, I think it is cool that we can design a canal

I think after waiting 6 month i can promote this game to my friend. but after seeing the progress. I am not even sure to do that.
This is my progress for working in 1 hour, and get a new bug. I don’t know why everytime I test your game I will found a bug . . . . (skiping your game since 0.15.0) and hoping something Better, I hope you can release a more stable patch in near future, and the patch can fix this one.
(Their should be image, but I cannot post an Image more than 2.)

My progress.

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It’s been that way for… more than 6 months. (Tom talked about adding a penalty for switching classes back when that was first added more than two years ago, but I don’t know when the penalty itself was actually added.)

I’m pretty sure it is this way since 2015, when I started playing

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Welcome to the forum, @TheEvangel :slight_smile:

You should be able to post more images now.

With the current alpha that everyone is playing, if you remove any road or building (by opening the building editor, clicking on the road/building, clicking on the Remove button and confirming) there are no more holes in the ground.


I remember last time I play the game is 6 month ago.
I don’t know about the very first time of system but 6 month ago if i remember correctly

Ex :
lvl 1 exp need to lvl up = 150
got into lvl 5
move to new job.
lvl 1 exp need to lvl up is 150.
tbh i more like this system other then the new one.

Back in April last year the mechanics were the way they are now.

I even found myself complaining about it back in December 2015 when the herbalist was first added.

I used to really hate how harsh this system was. I think one of the main reasons was so you couldn’t just level up your soldiers in every job to get them extra HP (the one perk that doesn’t go away when changing jobs, because some others could be even more overpowered) or only have crafters or an army right when you need them. I’d still like a better approach, but I’ve gotten pretty used to it now.

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