Items with no settings

Hi, not native here so please have mercy.

I don’t know if it is a bug but here is the thing:

Every item (crates, furniture, bushes, etc…) have no “settings” when selected (relocate, stored items, harvest, etc…)

…and so on

Can’t even “confirm” (“click” ok) daily update anymore.

This “bug” started in x64 mode (same save, x32 have other issues but not this).

Tried with and w/o mods…

Using Steam version with:

  • ACE (0.9.6)
  • dani’s core
  • composting
  • proper shelter
  • quantum fences
  • the hunter
  • trapper+
  • trapper+ taxidermy
  • glasswork
  • primitive armory
  • what’s stuck
  • autoharvest
  • combat dash

Any ideas?


This is a strange issue indeed

Have you tried refreshing the UI when it happens? You can press F5 to reload/refresh the UI! See if it helps :merry:

Hello Dani & thankyou for your reply.
No luck even with F5… just started a new play

Thankyou very much anyway!