Alpha 11 - Opinions after 45 minutes of gameplay

So I installed the patch and played for a small length of time.
These are some things I saw that could be improved or didn’t work properly;
–Bunny Statue Spawned in trees
–Trapper knife vanished, Creating a new stockpile allowed my worker to pick up the “invisible knife” and move it but couldnt make a trapper while it was invisible
–Woker put a crate in their inventory, with no move order and i had to create a stockpile to put it in before i could place it.
–When you open a crate it opens the zone overlay but doesn’t close it when you exit the crate. Most of the overlays stay open when using any method of closing them besides clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.
–Annoying having both placed and stored items shown on shop windows in the same place, maybe separate them so I can work out how many to sell and how many to keep.
–When workers put items in crates the item appears at their feet before disappearing.
–Workers seem to have trouble sorting crates; my workers won’t move wood from a crate that i re purposed to wealth to an empty one which only contains wood.

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Addition to this list:

Crops grow way too fast, less then a in game day I was able to cultivate turnips/ and pumpkins. Berries from bushes I was able to harvest twice in a day, same with silk weed.

Building - Using a combination of the mass build tools (walls/floors/roof) and the slab tool I find it really difficult to place individual slabs (stairs/ inner walls) between floors when you make it 2 stories and try to carve things out. I know I should do things a floor at a time, but you should be able to place slabs inside if you don’t. It would also help if you could adjust the camera tilt so you can see up (towards the sky) a bit also for this purpose. I think this is nothing more than a camera limitation that is impeding this.
using the differing x-ray views are sometimes just not enough.

Over all, love all the new additions and it’s playing pretty smooth. Luv were this is going. Good work RT :slight_smile: props!!

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Always good to get feedback, though I would probably title the thread as Bugs rather than Opinions. :smile:

The Trapper Knife: Did a Hearthling stick it in their pack? Or was you trapper promoted while holding nothing?

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Played for a few minutes and the crates are great if they worked…

Currently the Used space count doesn’t go down when an item is removed so once all the items are removed the crate becomes unusable…?

Also carpenter and other crafters don’t use items stored in crates at all they have to be removed to a stockpile to be used the exception is the cook who uses the food in crates fine.

Also I cant place beds or other furniture that are in crates they show up on the furniture menu but then they just wont build.

And finally, the maintain function on crafters does not recognise objects inside crates or on the floor, and seem to enjoy dumping them all over the map rather than in stockpiles or empty crates. I had an order for maintain 1 window and ended up with 20 before I realised and stopped my carpenter.

It seems like items really need to be logged into inventory as soon as they are produced or crafted rather than once they are in a crate, backpack, or stockpile.

PS the meaty stew icon on the crafting table is a bunch of carrots…, tasty but not meaty.

None of the villagers had it in their backpack, they just placed stuff around where it had been in the stockpile and my worker wouldn’t promote until it got moved to a different stockpile.