Items being placed at the end of the world

Items are being build at the other edge of the world from the viewpoint of my village. I made the discovery when I gave my hearthlings acces to the higher laying mountain with a ladder and they started carrying stuff over the mountain to the other side.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. I wish I knew

Expected Results:
Items being neatly place where I place them
Actual Results:
Worker crusades of item dilvering


Here you can see the items that are qued to be placed

The highlight on the right is the location of picture 1. The one of the left is roughly where the outskirts of my town start.

Taking another look around I saw these items/qued items off far in the distance, pretty sure Hearthlings aren’t suposed to get over there.

Save file: - Google Drive
Version Number and Mods in use:
-3109 (64x) Unmodded

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