Items aren't placed inside; citizens stuck

Title: Items aren’t placed inside

Summary: I had crafted some comfy beds and placed them outside at first, so they could at least be used while the houses that would eventually contain them were being constructed. When the first building was done, I attempted to move two beds (that had already been slept in) indoors. Not sure if relevant, but citizens slept in the beds again prior to moving them. Citizens then went to break down the beds, but then got stuck in place with the bed icons on the ground where they stood. They were carrying wood blocks, if that matters.

Moving the beds again to somewhere else (outside) fixed the issue, but I still didn’t have the beds inside, obviously. That is supposed to be possible for this release, right? Based on the latest two Desktop Tuesdays.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place beds (or other items?) outside;
  2. Wait until they are slept in (or otherwise used?) (not sure if necessary/relevant);
  3. Attempt to move beds inside (perhaps slightly before they go to sleep in them, so that happens first?).

Beds placed outside at 20:34. Beds first used at 21:17. See next video.

Beds designated to be moved indoors at 7:23. Citizens again slept in them at 7:57. Citizens attempt to move but get stuck at 9:29 and 9:40. Beds designated to be moved again, releasing citizens, at 10:18.