[Con] Placing items in house places on the highest layer

Placing the normal items in house make them ‘teleport’ to the highest layer of building. For example - peak of the roofs, etc.

Steps to reproduce:
Requirement: make sure you have enough doors (minimum 1) and windows (minimum 0) in your building to prevent ‘no doodads available’ bug.

  1. Build a house with doors
  2. Place an item (in my example: bed) in built house.

Expected Results:
Bed in a simple, cozy house for a tired worker called Autumn Karn.

Actual Results:
Autumn placed a bed inside the house, but then decided to sleep outside. Why? Let’s see why…

Vanilla Alpha 4 (build #99), no mods.

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I can confirm this, though it seems to only happen for me if I place the bed and it overlaps a wall or other object.

thanks for the report @phoriist… I can confirm as well…

and it seems we need to add a handful of new reports to the poll thread… :smile:

I can confirm this is still a problem in R130, also there is no way to get them down, workers seem to ignore the fact that they exist at all, I thought maybe this was due to not being able to path find to them, however after building ladders they still will not retrieve the beds.