Moving Beds inside a house Problem

Every time when i want to move a bed that is inside a built house to a spot inside the house they actually goes and pick up a new bed from the stockpile rather than moving the bed selected and if i instead put it outside the house it moves it like it should.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a house with a comfy bed inside
  2. Move bed to a new spot inside same house

Expected Results:
Moving the bed you had selected to the new spot
Actual Results:
Picks up a new bed from the stockpile when you try to move it

Outside the house it works normal they move it like they should even if the bed was inside the house
This was just one bed from the start

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 652 Alpha 18 (M)

Spiros Windows
Jomaxro Doorways
Settlement Decorations
Café Mod

System Information:
Windows 10 x64
AMD 7950
i7 920@3.8Ghz
12GB DDR3 1600mhz
Samsung 840 Evo and many more drives


Just another note the building is not 100% done it got everything built but not all furniture placed so i think this is the cause of the issue


I have the same issue in A18 (didn’t happen in A17), but this also happens for wall items e.g. flower boxes. I also found that if another item does not exist it creates a ghost copy. The workaround I found was to attempt to move it and then return the original to stockpile.


@yshan said she had to talk with @not_owen_wilson because there were other related problems like being able to place furniture inside blocked places, if you use the building vision modes like here:

I’ll put my bets on the furniture-building ownership thing introduced after a17.
One of the “feature” of that is: if a furniture attached to a building is destroyed, it will be automatically replaced.

I am guessing that manually ordering a move may not remove the attachment, so the building detects that it has a missing furniture, so ordered a new one from ike… I mean your stockpile. It is probably not the moving itself that is the bug.

That also explains why it works outside buildings : no pesky building ordering missing stuff.

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