[Con] phantom beds blocking placement [workaround inside]

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Title: Phantom Beds

Summary: When placing beds multiple times I find that I run into a phantom bed problem. No bed is placed, but when I try to place another, it shows the phantom bed, as if it is still on its way to be delivered. This will take up an entire house and make it useless.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build 3-5 mean beds, ,
  2. place them in a house, change location choice at least once or twice before the bed gets dropped off
  3. move beds around, change location choice

Expected Results:
Phantom objects don’t block placement of objects, instead delivery should fail of the incoming object, in this case beds.

Actual Results: Placement of beds and other objects blocked by non-existant objects.



Versions and Mods: Alpha 7

System Information: Windows 8

u can extend this for chairs and basicly any furniture that can be upgraded.
the carpenter will collect beds and chairs you have placed in buildings (or where ever) and build the upgraded items from it.

I have noticed that I can remove the phantom beds with the eraser tool in the custom buildings.

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@gorimare64 brilliant, this is a workaround for me.

I just found it roughly an couple hours ago.

I have found that you can go into the Building tool, go to the Custom Build and then use the Erase tool to remove the phantoms.


The phantoms still do occur in the latest build, 195.

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thanks for the confirmations and suggested workarounds folks… the title has been updated accordingly! :+1:

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