Item values, Crafting Times, item level -- Balancing

Maybe someone knows,

Is there a table showing all the necessary things for balancing new items ?

I would like to have a table with:
Item value
is sellable / buyable yes / no
shopkeeper level
crafting times
crafting level
and maybe ingredients

That would be very helpful for the balancing ATM it is more intuitive at my mod.
But if there are 2 gold_ingots in it it should at least have the price of two of them plus.

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I currently use similar math to calculate the prices. I sum all the resource used prices, and add an extra 10% to it.

There is this tool GitHub - stonehearth/stonehearth-editor: A Stonehearth editing tool for modders.
In it you will find a tool that lists visually in a table all items in game (plus mods), in order of price. So it is a faster comparison to check if it has the correct value.