Item Placeholders in Building Templates

As we all know, the basic building templates come with Mean Beds, which makes sense, since that’s what you’re likely to be able to make early on in the game. However, I think it would be really nice if a template could be designated as furnished with a “class” of furniture, and when being built workers will then grab whatever is available (or possibly the best item of that class available?) in the stockpiles.

For example, instead of the default sleeping quarters coming with four Mean Beds, they’d come with four placeholder beds, and if you happen to have higher-quality beds, the workers will place those instead. This would be especially handy for making your own templates, as the placeholder furniture would presumably be available even if you don’t currently have any furniture of that type stockpiled, which would make it easier to design a building first and then worry about making the furnishings for it, rather than make sure you have all the furniture you might want before starting work.

Even nicer would be if workers would automatically upgrade placeholder furniture similar to how Hearthlings will automatically grab a new tool/weapon if it’s an upgrade to what they’re currently wielding.