It irritates me that the curent design system keeps breaking my buildings

For a game where creative building is a major selling point, the current system for building design is frankly rather terrible. for example, I’ve had to delete and restart the design of the tavern in my town about 30 or so times now because of various buggy things in the building system. in the screenshot below, i had tried to put a roof on the top tier, it had placed wrong due to there being an interior wall built using the freestanding wall tool, and when i undid it, it left behind these two weird ‘horn’ looking things on top of the building. i couldn’t put a new roof on, and couldn’t even manually build one, because they were in the way, and i couldn’t delete them either because they were being counted as part of the walls below them, which i cant remove single blocks from, or even remove the entire wall. this was about as close to complete as this building has even been in the 30 or so different attempts at designing it. I’m really looking forward to the new building tools from the Desktop Tuesday back in September because at the moment the only things you can reliably build are single rooms, possibly stacked on top of each other, and those look boring and i hate making them.


I feel you :slight_smile: hopefully with the new building system revamp most of our troubles will go away and make everything more forgiving and work like it should


I’m also hoping they improve the building view feature cause once you build these complex structures you can see jack what’s going on inside.