Isola Isla [A14/A15]

Our brave pioneers:

We have arrived.

I thought doing one of these might encourage me to actually play through a game properly, heh


One of the ancient ones dwells here! Surely, our venture cannot fail!


We refuse to be plain. Our Lodge will be magnificent!

And a new traveller has joined us:

…what? NO! Why is there a varanus on our construction site?!


…and then I forget to pause when going afk to use the washroom, and come back to multiple deaths. Ooops…


The end was kinda interesting although the entire story (short or not short) is… interesting? :neutral_face:

Ahahha, I’ll have to try again sometime.
I enjoy storytelling, and I’m decent at snagging screenshots that I can write around

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Oh no Kitty! :disappointed:

That is why I have been smart enough to make sure I pause whenever I need to so much as tab away and save often with the new one, Isola - The 2nd Expedition :wink:

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I had not thought about using different floor types to create pattern floor for my houses. Your picture has given me some ideas.

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