Is there a way to trace back an enemy?

let’s assume this is the scenario -

The player is getting an enemy alert.
The player is dismissing the alert without actually looking at teh enemy, by mistake, intentionally, by a cat on the keyboard… it matters not.

How may a player retrace the whereabout of that enemy?

An option for that should be included, i think.

Is there a way? What are your thoughts?

I think the most robust/difficult-to-break option would be to create an “all clear” event.

At the start of the invasion, the notification becomes locked to the board; effectively starting a mini-quest. All Clear can only be triggered when all of those attacking enemies, plus any combats that started during the invasion (e.g. if your soldiers wandered past a random encampment or a pack of wild wolves), have been resolved. The All Clear condition triggers the end-point of the invasion mini-quest, removing it from the notification area.

This would be entirely separate to Town Defence Mode (I think that the option to cancel defence mode is also called “all clear”); in fact it would probably be better to come up with a different name for the “invasion is over” event to avoid confusion – after all, if there’s a camp just outside your town which hasn’t engaged quite yet but could at any time, not everything is clear… but holding the mini-quest around until that camp has been engaged and dealt with would make this mechanic tedious, IMO. Plus, it could probably be abused – simply don’t allow your hearthlings to clear out a certain enemy camp, and that will prevent new invasions spawning. The only reason I even suggest including non-invasion combat is, well… it doesn’t make much sense to declare the battle won if the local monsters are still fighting, hahaha.

I think you can see it from the event menu in the bottom(where notifications are) as long as he enemy is still alive, it should show up in that menu(i’m not too sure, but i think it’s there)


Thank you both for your answers!

@Hyrule_Symbol - No, sadly they don’t show up as long as they are alive.
@YetiChow - I don’t want an all-clear event. I just want that when I get a notification it would stick so long as the enemy is ailve and would show my it’s current location.

If i’d wanted an all clear i’d run the game on peaceful. :slight_smile:

@Tuxu that is a part of the suggestion I make – it’s not just about the all clear at the end; but making the entire invasion into a larger event rather than a single, easily-dismissable notification. I imagine that players could still accidentally cancel a one-time notification quite easily, and I don’t believe that there’s tech in the engine at this stage to make it impossible to cancel a notification unless it’s part of a larger mission.

So, the purpose of making it part of a larger mission is to use existing capability to provide a fail-safe – no matter how often you dismiss the notification, it can’t be removed until the mission progresses to the all clear event. That way there’s always a way to quickly zoom to the invaders, and it can’t accidentally be cancelled/dismissed like a one-time notification could be.

That’s why I mentioned it could probably use a different name, like “invasion defeated” – it’s not really about the all clear at all, it’s about tracking the progress of that particular invasion from “on the way”, through “arrived” and “in progress”, and finally “defeated”. That allows the player to follow the invasion’s progress without having to actually zoom to it… for example, if you know your hearthlings are all safe behind walls then you can ignore the notifications until they get to “in progress”. If your hearthlings are scattered around, you might want to start calling them back as soon as “approaching” triggers, or you might just start winding down large jobs away from town to make sure that all the most necessary work is done and the hearthlings are safely inside before the invasion arrives. The idea is simply to give players a little more warning, and a way to get updates on the progress of the event rather than just finding out about it when contact is made between enemy and hearthling. So, it’s like getting reports of the unfolding invasion – you might choose to immediately give it your full attention, or you might give some standing orders and then wrap up essential tasks you’re already busy with before taking command of the defences.