Selecting the 'Enemy Alert' notification should bring up 'Fight & Defend' toolbar

It would be nice if when users are notified of enemies approaching, when selecting the notification button and navigated via the camera to the enemies location, the ‘Fight & Defend’ toolbar was automatically available.

Sometimes the notification seems to ‘alert’ the user when the enemies are already on top of or closer than usual to your hearthlings. Also there are plenty of us that play in ‘Fast Forward’.

It would just be nice.


Hello MickDodge

while this might come in handy at early stages of the game, it will gett annoying in later stages, where your soliders basiclly defend the city on their own. Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

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Currently with the size of my ‘livable’ area, my footman typically only hangout in one general area (near the farm for whatever reason… proximity to their next meal… slackers lol). However, due to this and the available entry points (which I could just remove ladders and be fine but I’d rather not keep rebuilding them when needed) there are many times enemies are closer to workers than soldiers. It also seems that at a certain distance the soldiers will not respond to the workers imminent danger. I have 2 footman and there is not 1 singular mob that a footman by himself would have to worry about currently, so 2 seems like plenty?

I can send my 2 footmen into the area shown below in the attached screen shot without any worry what-so-ever and the 2 of them will take care of Everything you see in the image.

This is the area I am currently working in, you can see the amount of walls I have used to limit access just get raided from the mountainous area above.

For me, it would be a nice option.

Yes, but at that point you can just click dismiss the notification without opening it :slight_smile:

replying to the wrong bug lol

Why would you want to ignore the ‘Enemy Approaching’ notification?

Was in response to Orkze, point being: if you care about an enemy approach, you probably want the Fight & Defend toolbar up. If you are late game enough that you don’t need the toolbar (because your footman are swarming all over your town) and seeing the toolbar pop up would annoy you, you can simply dismiss the notification. Thus I support your idea that the toolbar should auto appear when focusing on an enemy approach notification :slight_smile:

I hope that makes more sense.


Thanks for the explanation, I was so confused ha! Also, thanks for the support!

Just an FYI, if you want to pull up the Fight and Defend toolbar, with the primary footman party selected quickly, the 7 key will do so.


Thanks, yea this is the current practice but the issue I wrote on the toolbar sets being switched around actually gave me this idea. Inadvertent or not they discovered a way to switch toolbar sets based on a condition, just hoping they can extrapolate that bit of code and re-purpose. Sounds so easy to a guy that cant write code… Good luck with that ha ha ha

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I think the best option for this feature would be to have an option in the settings that you could check. Something like, “[ ] Enable defense toolbar for invaders.” You could do something similar for those of us who play fast forward, " [ ] Enable speed x1 for invaders." That would solve both issues in my opinion.

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Not saying I disagree Mimo but the amount of work required for what you’re asking for is much more than they will take on I am guessing. Again, the code for my request already exists it’s just not currently intended. I don’t code but have worked with devs and software for a little more than a decade and I know of several examples where a dev was able to grab a snip-it of bad code (before they fixed it) and repurpose it for another feature. It sometimes is as easy as cut/copy & paste with very minimal re-work.

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Maybe after they put in something simple like you said, they could work on the options thing to stream line that aspect.