Add combat tracking notifications

I often compare Stonehearth to Dungeon Keeper. There was a useful feature in DK which SH currently lacks: If there was a combat going on, DK added a persistent notification to the status panel as long as the battle continued.
“Combat” was identified as:

  • An ongoing clash between your troops and enemy troops as long as both sides had at least 1 unit and they were engaged
  • Enemy units attacking your traps
  • Your units attacking enemy traps
  • Enemy units attacking your civilians

Why do I think the game needs it?
Right now the game only informs you when an approaching enemy group is detected. Further notifications are received only when your heartlings are low on health, and that is usually too late to intervene (in case of traps you don’t get even this, and they are quite fragile - and costly). Also when the enemy attacks your traps you can only understand something’s going on because of the battle music. It is entirely up to you to find the location. More than once I’ve found myself nervously scanning the (paused) map in search of enemy units.
I believe it is only logical that, if your heartlings know there is a battle (music), they also know the location where they are attacked - and so should you.


An icon on the screen, that indicates an ongoing battle would be very nice. And a click on this icon jumps straight to the battle site. Yes, please!

Oh, and since you mentioned DK: how about a prison, where you can try to convince captured goblins to join your cause? :smiling_imp:


It was not the prison. It was the torture chamber :imp:

[Imagines a hearthling torture chamber. With tickling machines.]

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You’re right. The prison allowed to starve out the inmates and turn them into skeletons.

Tickling machine… good idea. The engineer could use some more stuff to craft :smile:

I feel like even Rimworld’s knock them out, lock them up, heal them, and feed them to try converting them would fit a bit better in Stonehearth than a torture machine.

Not that I’m opposed to a tickling machine.

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I never suggested to add torture to SH. It would be downright cruel.