Is there a way to make helmets work yet?

I would like to make helmets for my Heartlings of HeimVille.

Is there a way to make the helmets work yet?
Please let me know! (=

Some of my fan artwork inspired by Lord Of The Rings.


Really nice job ! :smile:
I want to see that in game :smiley:


as far as I’m aware, helmets are still WIP… but wow, love the LoTR inspired work! excellent job! :+1:


As Tom has said before, hats are possible, but the issue is the fact that, for every hair/head variation, they’d have to make a helmet. Unless, of course, it’s the face-covering kind.

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wow, beautiful work @Vargbane, being a LoTR fan i really hope that helmets become possible soon!

see, that confuses me… couldn’t they just have the hair be “removed” when the helmet is attached to the head? and with hats, depending on the type, couldn’t they have them sit on top of the hair?

or did i totally misunderstand what you just said and how this works…


Will anyone make a hobbit house with my slabs with terrain colors mod? :confused:

Though I must admit it would look quite different if it’s made with square shapes :sweat_smile:


i hadn’t thought of that before, but now that you’ve mentioned it, i have to make one.



I’m working on it (=

Thank you! :smiley:

I tried to find some news on it, but that explains it then ^^

‘The Hobbit’ book is my favorite (not the movies though)
But the LoTR movie adaptation is really great!
The White City of Gondor, the outfit designs of the armors, rangers and the citadel guards got me hooked!


I second that, -a round door would be great! ^^


Yeah, that could be tricky…
I agree, -with short helms, it looks best if some of the hair shows.
With full helmets, if possible, the hair could be removed as @8BitCrab suggested.


StoneVoxe is simple, but i am a rookie when it comes to json / java coding.
I get around, but that’s about it.
Got the armor, mithril ingot and a sword to work in-game, with the help from Moai’s crash course in
adding armors.

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if you need any more help, dont hesitate to ask, there are lots of people here on the discourse willing to help out. :smile:

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Much appreciated!
I would be very grateful for any help I can get (=
I’m going to start a new thread for my mod, I’ll post them there

I really like your work!
There are so many amazing modder’s and creations on this forum.
It’s very inspiring ^^

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aww… thanks mate :blush:

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I’ve gained some courage now from all the likes and positive feedback you have given, so I’ll start a new thread for my “Gondorian Armory” mod (=

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