Is it too easy to (play) get food in Stonehearth?

I have played the game only two alphas now and I have lost only once due to underestimating the dangerous goblins. What I mean is that to be entertaining, even a sandbox game needs some difficulty. Furthermore, mobs shouldn’t be the only hazard that the village should face but the lack of food should offer some difficulties also.

In the current build you ever need just one field of every plant and 1 hunter and even that can be too much. Fields take minimum amount of work and space and are really reliable source of food. Hunter is more balanced because it needs a rare tool. Do others agree on this or do you think that resource managing and playing the game (and losing it) are secondary principles after building the city of your dreams.

Every civilization has its beginning and a golden peak but in the same manner as stories, they have to end in some point.


i must say, i agree with you completely, but

you must remember that the game is still in alpha, meaning its not feature complete. and eventually there will be way more challenge, heres a short list of some of the plans,

  • new monsters
  • boss monsters
  • farms will need a supply of water (making farming not so easy)
  • seasons
  • weather
  • (possibly) droughts/disease/famine/etc.

thats all i can think of off the top of my head, but to sum it up, its going to get harder as it develops.


We’ll also, I hope, get more difficulty settings one day.


I cant get far at all. I usually start over due to Lua runtime error ruining everygame. Restarting doesn’t work and nor does the debugging to reset AI.

Food is easy right now tho but due to the early stages, enemy AI isn’t fully completed. I can only get towards the part where there are Goblin Wolves and the storyline is pretty entertaining. I am sure the AI enemies would do more damage if we had higher difficulty settings. They’ll crush through all your supplies one hitting everything, unlike now, it takes em like 10 haha.

well i also should toss this out, goblins are just “cannon fodder” and wont be the toughest enemy’s you face. my understanding/guess (for when the game is “finished”) is that they are there to “ease” the player into the game, so they can get a better understanding of it before orcs and such come for you.


As @Tom has said about goblins,

They think that they are like SUPER epic, but… they’re not.

They’re pretty much supposed to be weak mercenaries/servants hired by the higher-ups (orcs and such) as the higher-ups can’t be bothered to deal with such a weak town on their own - until later, after many goblins have failed (and, of course, once orcs and such are implemented).


If cold weather, diseases and water supplying are implemented it would definetely increase the diversity of this game. And what comes to the goblins they true are really easy and tougher enemis would be a good thing. But my post’s one point was that there should be other interesting difficulties than defending your village from mobs. Diseases like example.


as i said, to my knowledge they’re will be famine/diseases/etc. but i could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: