Is it possible to delete a campaign node?

The reason is I made some changes to the nodes that wait to start a camp and the one that creates it, to make it easier to spawn in small spaces (else it never spawns in biomes with noisy terrain, like the canyon or archipelago)
As tested in a new game, it worked nicely and in normal biomes the campaign keeps the default behaviours.

But I want to apply it in an ongoing saved game, one that is already trying to create the camp with the old settings, but failing cause it can’t find a location big enough to spawn the camp.

My idea was to delete it and the wait node before it, and then trigger it again so it would grab my new settings. I tried through the browser campaign in the debug mod, but had no success.

Can’t you override the default ones to not spawn at all?

That won’t help in this specific case. Changing the files won’t make a retroactive adjustment to the campaign in the save.

Actually, I’m pretty sure the debugtools Campaign Browser doesn’t give you the ability to reverse a scenario. As far as Stonehearth is concerned, a campaign (and its scenarios) can proceed in one direction only.

To implement scenario reversal, you’d have to do a whole transaction-style database of everything that a scenario does so that you can back things up one step at a time. Loads of work for not much reward.

I thought it could be done, cause I can actually re-trigger a node (even if it is not the last, see the image below). So if I re-trigger the wait_to_start node, it will create another “create_camp” node, and this is bad because even if the new create_camp is the custom/edited version, I would still have the old one active and running. The problem is that the old create_camp uses up all the cpu/lua and gives a huge lag while it doesn’t find a location. And it will keep doing this within each verification (luckily only within 3 days intervals)

Below you can see at the campaign goblin_war, after the wait_to_start node I have two create_camps, one being a create_camp_archipelago (my custom node). Players playing on this biome will not have this problem because when they start a game it will be already fixed, just either one of the nodes will activate, based on the biome. (Playing archipelago activates the new node, playing other biomes activate the normal node)

On my case though, I started this game before I implemented this fix. So if I do not erase this node, it will be stuck there forever, not allowing me to finish the campaign :frowning: I really liked this save, I didn’t wanted to start a new one :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, I run the risk that eventually if it finds a location, it would spawn a camp again, bugging out everything in the campaign…

In this case, you can only destroy the node by modifying the lua. If you send me the save, I can patch it up for you.


Luckily the game eventually found a location and the campaign followed normally. I even reached the orc campaign :slight_smile:
Thanks for offering the help though, you guys rock!

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