Debug Tools Campaign Browser

I was just wondering about a few commands. Mainly ones to start certain scenarios like the goblin campaign, And this new graveyard thing i heard of?

You cannot do those tasks via the console. You would need to install the official Debug Tools mod, and use the campaign browser. Give me a few minutes to get some screenshots.

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Where is this Debug tools mod? o3o because i just had the goblins leave because i didnt attack them literally as my army was pulling up to destroy them XD

To install, visit the Stonehearth github GitHub - stonehearth/debugtools: Stonehearth Debug Tools Mod, select Download Zip, and save the compressed folder somewhere on your computer. Inside the zip you should find a folder named debugtools-master. Copy that folder to your mods folder, (located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods), and rename the folder to debugtools. Let me know if this makes sense. You will know if it is installed if you see the following icons in the top right: .

Edit: Debug tools is included with Stonehearth as of Alpha 19. Simply enable it via the mod manager.

The campaign browser is the left-most icon that looks like a book.

Edit: Here is a screenshot of the campaign browser:

I clicked on wait to start on the goblin war branch, and if I clicked Trigger Now a new goblin encampment (the big one) would appear. You can play around in the browser to find what you need. I believe the new graveyard in in the ambient threats branch.


It works ^-^ thanks Jomaxro, you’re a life saver

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Hey uhhh, How do I get rid of the giant box i put around one of my hearthlings XD

Can you provide a screenshot, not really sure what you are describing…sorry!

Nevermind XD I fixed it. It was the entity editor thing

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Ah, the box is the showing the collision region. That would do it!


So how would I use this campaign editor thing, Im clicking and nothing is happening

Well, once you open the campaign editor “thing,” you should see 4 (assuming you are playing normal mode) “branches”. Along each branch is a “node”. For the goblin campaign in particular, if you click on wait to start, a small window should pop up. From there click on Trigger Now and you should see the goblin campaign notification pop up (A goblin with a hat strolls into town - or something like that).

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Alright, thanks ^-^ Is it the same way for the graveyard thing

The graveyard thing is going to be somewhere in the ambient threats branch. Give me a sec to find it…

…OK. So if you trigger wait_for_day_two in the ambient threats branch, you will see three new branches. Trigger the middle branch (wait_for_middle_worth), then generate_advanced_threats. As advanced threats are random, you may need to trigger it a few times before you see the necromancer crypt appear. Finally, you can trigger the necromancer_crypt.

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At the moment you really can’t. You can collapse some nodes that you do not need, but until @yshan adds an option to manually move nodes around, there isn’t really much you can do, sorry!


Thats okay ^-^ Looks like ill just have to click random things :stuck_out_tongue:

I came to this thread looking for a way to start/restart the goblin campaign because, strangely, after two camps came and left (they never attacked me nor did I fulfill their demands), no more have shown up. I have DebugTools installed and am looking at the campaign browser, but when I click wait to start the only thing that happens is it collapses and the node turns gray. Wondering if you could help me out here, because I really want to do the goblin campaign so I can get on to the orcs.

Screenshots for clarity -

Before clicking wait to start

After clicking wait to start

No little window pops up.

It would seem that you clicked on the circle there, doing that will collapse all the following nodes into that one (to make the rest of the graph more readable). Clicking on the circle again will show the nodes again.

Clicking the text itself will cause the window to pop up, so go ahead and do that instead.

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Oh holy crap, thanks much! I never even thought of that.

I’m really terrible when it comes to modding and stuff like this is complicated to me.

Well, we all gotta start at some point.

How do you zoom into the campaign browser? There’s lots of text and it’s hard to make out what I’m looking at.