Is it me or my brand new Alienware Desktop Replacement?

Am I the only one experiencing a continual barrage of error messages while playing? I fully understand this is Alpha, but I expected more complaints about the situation on these boards. This makes me believe that it’s something about my system instead of the game.
Are these continual messages, especially after promoting a Shepard, normal? If not, what magical tweek can I make to get rid of them? Hearthstone is a fine game with great potential, but as the game gets going it simply becomes a clickfest trying to get rid of the error messages.

I’m afraid that’s alpha. A few people have run into bugs with the Shepard of late and at least two have been identified and squished in the last couple of days alone.

One thing you can try is pressing F5 to reload the UI and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, try reloading from your latest save, then an older one.