I cant play anymore

i cant play anymore and im a members since the alpha 5 is out and I cant show you my bug cuz im a "new user"
i get a pop-up that saids :
Assertion Failed:

if someone please can help me i dunno what it all means



I’ve had this too.
I had something similar in Alpha 5 and I can’t remember what the message was, but pretty much the same in Alpha 6. I haven’t got round to it yet, but just making a new world is the only way I could play again. It’s annoying but it’s the only way you can carry on playing

I don’t know if this will help but have you tried un-installing the alpha 5 version and re-installing the newer one. I never weirdly had the issue with the two versions. The error seems to me a files missing or became corrupted, But I could be completely wrong. All I can suggest is to re-install it. But others may be able to assist you more. There is a lot of changes in versions so it could be a un-compatible issue between versions, But again I don’t work for stonehearth nor do I 100% know what the error means, Hope I helped in some way :stuck_out_tongue:

Update : Sorry Didn’t see the message before mine at the start, Worlds weirdly do glitch out at random points, His response may be more useful than mine sorry again.

Best thing I can suggest is re-installing (which doesn’t take too long), but make sure you clean out the Stonehearth folder thoroughly (eg Steam doesn’t like doing this).

@Alexander, please try the following workarounds and tell us your results (click on the link):

Are you using the Humble Bundle release? Or do you play by Steam? Do you know which version are you trying to play (Alpha 5? 6? r166?)?

@dwarf are you saying that you can’t use saved files in the game?
I don’t want the feared compatibility problems to appear so soon… :cry:

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None of these, I can open the app and all that but when I click play my last world, it starts loading and then about 1/5 of the way it comes up with an error message.

Well it only happens on ~3-5 time I try to play a world. I’ve now deleted my save world folder so hopefully it’ll work.