Iron ore comparatively rare to everything else

From personal experience Iron Ore is by far the most difficult to find substance, Gold and Silver appear at least 4x as much and Tin and Copper about 6x. Considering Iron Ore is the most useful for making end game weapons and gadgets in bulk, I would like to consider simply making Iron Ore drop more when mining stone.
Is this just me or my game? Am I digging at the wrong level? (About 16 blocks downwards)

              "none": {
                 "uri": "",
                 "weight": 10000
              "hunk_of_stone": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:stone:hunk_of_stone",
                 "weight": 200
              "copper_ore": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:copper:ore",
                 "weight": 40
              "tin_ore": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:tin:ore",
                 "weight": 40
              "iron_ore": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:iron:ore",
                 "weight": 28
              "lump_of_coal": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:coal:lump_of_coal",
                 "weight": 28
              "silver_ore": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:silver:ore",
                 "weight": 20
              "gold_ore": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:gold:ore",
                 "weight": 10

This are the chances to get each resource from mining rocks (mining dirt gives only stone and clay, no roes, unless it is a modded biome). You can see that tin and copper has almost double the chances to drop, and silver and gold around half the chances.

This also means that the place/height where you mine will make no difference. It is just a dice roll for each mined stone block.

But, there is the ores veins. Those will have 33% chances to drop a ore for each mined block, giving you a lot of minerals.

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Have you found many veins? I’ve found iron quite rare overall too but if you hit a vein it is usually huge.

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I chose a mineral heavy area and have 3 iron veins that I discovered so far. Think I’ve seen 2 coal, 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2-3 copper/tin. So for me, iron is alot more available then gold and silver, it’s just that gold and silver have almost no use while iron is used for steel which is used in alot of top tier stuff. Also mobs seem to drop bronze/gold ingots which stack up pretty quickly but not sure if I’ve seen iron ingots drop.

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I am experiencing iron starvation too. Started on the edge of hills with maximum minerals and I am overloaded with silver, tin, copper & gold but have to buy iron ore from the trader. Can you double check this distribution please?

Depends on your map, really. Since it’s a roll of many dice, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you have to get into ore-trading. The latter is slow, I’ll give you that, but the game is still playable that way.

Heigh ho, heigh ho

Even if you get iron ores, the reason it looks like it has less than the other is because it is used twice as much. You need to convert iron into steel in the late game. This gives us the (actually correct) feeling that we have very few iron. Thankfully iron can be bought from the traders.

In a recent test (for something else though) I noticed that the world I was in spawned 6 (!) copper veins, and none (!) of the other veins :sweat_smile:


Out of curiosity, how would I go about changing that? It looks like json syntax, but there is no json file with these contents in my install folder, so I reckon it is packed into a resource file somewhere?

It is inside the stonehearth.smod. You unpack it by renaming it into a .zip file and extract from that.

Simpler than I worried it might be. :slight_smile: Thanks!