Invalid manifest?!

soo uh yea i made a mod thought the code was fine but now its invalid manifest and its saying alot of files disappear while there still there could anyone (9.2 KB)

the aliasses “block” is missing },

(so it never closes, and everything below it is now part of it, instead of its own thing.

how do i put aliasses block

you have

"aliases" : {"stone_mual"		:"file(entities/weapons/stone_mual/stone_mual.json)"

while it should be

"aliases" : {"stone_mual"		:"file(entities/weapons/stone_mual/stone_mual.json)" },

wait that maifest is not right

it should be the spear

you are missing a bracket, as Wouter pointed out

and even then the mod would not work because nothing is looking at those spears.
lemme see if i can help you out a bit… please hold

edit: ok more of your stuff is out of what then you may know.
im going to type them out as i fix some of them so you can learn:

A: you named the folder spears but your namespace(the “code name” for your mod) is “elven weapons”
which, i think, is problematic in any case because namespaces, as far as i know, should not have spaces.
this could be solved by making it “elven_weapons”

B: looking it your weapons only the red one has code. not a problem -yet- but yust an FYI. ill just make that one work so you can reverse engineer what i did.

C: you used capital letters in your weapons. this WILL fuck you down the road. capitals are for writers. not for coders. removing those.

D: in your weapons you went all over the place with the naming scheme. the namespace was spears but should match the namespace (so from now on:elven_weapons:name_of_location_of_description)

E: your spear model is not centred with where a hearthling would grip

has to be like

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k thanks

E: the iconic file’s code was not done yet, so it was still a stone maul. i did it for you.
F: the red spear looked like a stone one, so i made the recipe be for the mason for now.
(in jobs/mason/recipes/ )

thanks ill definitely reverse engineer it

edit: thanks for the help

i went over it relatively quickly so i might have missed -something- but this should be a lot better than what you started with: (9.9 KB)

explanation of the new manifest:

the mixinto thing tells the game “when loading, look at this mods version of the “recipes” file and dump it into the actual games file”
after this happens the game sees hey! there should be ar a recipe for red soldier spears!
and it checks that file. which now exists. that file (youmod/jobs/mason/recipes/red_soldier_spear_recipe
tells the game that it takes a stick and a stone for the spear. and if you have them, you can have the item!
(which now exists under aliasses)

everytime i try and open the mason my game crashes

errr ill see whats wrong hold on

edit: forgot the word recipe somewhere,
and you know what i said about capital letters? yeah that happened in some spots… REMOVED MOAR capital letters. -still fixing- (9.9 KB)
dont have more time now but i got it to not crash, and show up in the crafting UI.
it still throws somre errors though. maybe someone else can help you on from here