Introducing Discourse User Themes

User selectable themes are now available on the Stonehearth Discourse! To get things started, there are 4 themes to choose from.

Light Theme

Dark Theme

Floating Buttons (Light)

Floating Buttons (Dark)

The Light Theme is what has existed on the Stonehearth Discourse for the last few years. The Dark Theme changes the interface color, providing a black background as opposed to white. The Floating Buttons themes add a floating new topic button that moves as you scroll. If you find yourself scrolling up to create a new topic often, then these themes are for you.

To change your theme, visit the interface section of user preferences, From there select the theme you wish to use. Themes can be applied globally (to all locations where you are signed in), or applied per-device (ie. dark on the phone, light on the computer).

If you encounter any difficulties selecting a theme or have any feedback on the new themes, let us know here!


I really like the dark theme! :new_moon_with_face:

Some mornings the Stonehearth Discourse is just a wee bright for my eyes. :sunglasses:

Yeah, Dark theme! One thing needs to be changed though in it.

The title and section is a little hard to see, as well as “Discussion” when it’s the main page.

Edit: and the development color, being black, is nigh invisible.


I’ll second @thelegorebel.

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Thanks for the feedback @thelegorebel @SirAstrix.

They sure do appear to be. That should be a quick adjustment.

I’ve already alerted the team for this one. I’m not sure how they want to handle having black logo text on black.

Ooh, good catch. I’ll see if it’s possible to change the color of a category “per theme”. If not, it will likely stay black, no good way around that, and I don’t want to confuse everyone who has used the light theme and doesn’t plan to change.

This has been adjusted.


Is there any chance with the dark theme that the viewed vs non-viewed could be made more apparent? Like make the non-viewed brighter or the viewed darker? You can see there’s a difference, but they’re so close that you can’t tell at a glance.

Chance, absolutely. Quickly, not so much. At the moment the dark theme just changes the color scheme, and everything adjusts from there. To change the brightness/darkness of viewed topics I’ll need to add some CSS. Not hard, just need time to do it carefully as to not break anything else.

Edit: @SirAstrix just tried a “quick fix” of adjusting the non-viewed topic color. This should affect the viewed color too. Is it any better, or do I need to darken the viewed topics too?

Oh this is nice, I find it much easier to read white on black so the dark theme option is great. Thank you guys!

Dark Theme is a blessing on the eyes - but, this very issue your pointing out here will be the reason I will remain with Light Theme for a while longer :confused:

I’m still going to say that the viewed needs to be darker, and the non-viewed needs to be brighter.

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Ok. Will play with CSS later today.

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CSS has been played with. How’re we looking now?

I’ve updated the logo with a white stroke, that is now visible in the header. I’ve also added CSS to darken read topics in the /latest view.


Any chance for a “non-black-dark-theme” in the future? :slight_smile:

Something along the lines of the Stonehearth home page color scheme would be lovely.

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That would be up to @sdee. There’s certainly nothing technical preventing it from happening…


Looks really good. Was just going to say it’s a lot better. Thank you.

That looks good. Much appreciated.

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It looks so much better now - much appreciation, me amigo!

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