Interface suggestions


I played the game for some hours now and 5 thinks has come to my mind
And a little “bug” i guess

Suggestions :

  1. It would be great if double-click on an object (workshop, inhabitant, …) open its panel (creation, stats, …).
  2. With the inhabitants list panel, it would be great to have a focus on the inhabitant when we double-click on his name.
  3. Attack and alert : I had a trapper attacked and didn’t know it : it should be great to have a proper alert (like when gobelin are stealing stuff)
  4. Is it possible to give orders to the footmen ? because with the point “3”, i couldn’t save my trapper when i saw the attack, and then one of my worker decided to get the ex-trapper’s knife and the gobelins killed him too (and i guess all my inhabitants are going to be killed that way …).
  5. I guess it 's coming for the future (due to the undo button in the construct interface) but it should be great to be able to remove buildings.

For the bug : Rework a building : I tried to add a window or a door to an existing building (i don’t remember exactly), the scaffolds were constructs but my workers never add the item on the building.

Anyway, i think the team 's doing a great job.
Continue this way :slight_smile:

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Good thought. “So and so, is being attacked!!”

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hey there @Gayou … welcome aboard! :smile:

I thought this was already an option, via single-click… or does that simply highlight the unit?


not yes, but this is coming at some point (basic combat unit commands are a planned feature)…

You can zoom to a selected unit by clicking their name in the bottom-left. Can’t recall if the citizen management UI lets you do similar though.

Right, but it means you have to click on the unit to select it before.
What i meaned by “focus” was zoom + selection of the unit (for now, you have to find it yourself)
But there 's maybe a way to do it and i didn’t find it