Interesting World Seeds


ooo very nice. I’ll have to try that world out. I love building bridges.

There is a thread about cool found seeds though I think it may be old I’m not sure if people post in it anymore. Have to do a forum search


They do :wink:


I found a desert seed I like. It contains an enclosed canyon that is great as a natural refuge from enemies and a good source of resources (other than wood). I called my town Circle of Stone.

Seed: 1751135005

Rayyas Children + Hard Mode + No starting sword = impossible

Actually if u look at this gif, it looks like a storm passing though on the weather station lol


Found some things out regarding the seed:

  1. Stonehearth uses 32 Bit-Seeds, very certain about that.
  2. The upper 16 Bits seem to only influence the details of the map, like forests. So try adding or subtracting the value 65536 to/from your current seed.
  3. The upper half of the lower 16 Bits dictate the y-coordinate of the map. Made an animation for that, see below.
  4. And as @SachielMF already found out, the lowest 8 Bits dictate the x-coordinate of the map.

Useful information about world seeds -- how to get closer to the world you want!
Seed in-/decrease by 1
Was taking screenshots of map generator. This is what I found

So 255 Xs, and 255 Ys? Even just shifting one spot can give a lot of variation, and there’s definitely a lot of combinations, and detail on top of that besides… but when you put it like that, it does make me wonder if Radiant ought to switch to 64-bit seeds someday.


I was hoping something like this would be the case after seeing the horizontal scroll gif animation before. There are so many spots that match the criteria I’m looking for that are at the top or bottom of a random map, so this provides a solution to that issue. Thanks.

I wish there were a tool for easily browsing maps without having to load each new one after a few seconds. Even better, I wish there was a map editing tool in-game.


depending upon what you’re looking for, settling at the edge of the map doesnt really matter, as the world thats generated will generate past the edge of the map…

hopefully the explanation makes sense…


Wait… really? Dangit! I never knew this. Why wasn’t I informed. Sticky this!


yep! the entire embarkment map isnt used in the generated world, so it can generate past the edge of the map … but i forget the amount of “squares” from the embarkment map that are used for the world…


found a really nice world seed for when you wanna build some ships or a really nice harbor :slight_smile: .


Found a nice little island in the middle of a big lake!


Hey there @Kryos, welcome to the Discourse!


Seed: 42590
Alpha: 14

This is the best shot I got of the island that the seed holds. It’s a pretty big island that’s perfect for a town in my opinion. And if you make a bridge heading towards the mountains [or in the case of the screenshot, towards the camera/golem], you’ll be pretty close to the wall to start mining away into it. Plus, the island itself has a good supply of trees, and berry bushes for an early food source.

3/23/16: Added a map, and an overhead of the main village. Word of advice: If you don’t want land eating camps appearing on the island, begin building roads as soon as you can.


That is a sweet picture!


Do my eyes deceive me, or is that golem huge?

I didn’t think they got that big!


well that depends upon how large you thought they normally wer, but its standing on the mountain, although the picture makes it kinda look like its standing on the forest level… so its just an optical illusion…

does that make sense?


They can get pretty big as the days go by. I manage to catch this one on a mountain, looking at my town instead of heading towards it like so many other monsters.


Seed 1686819346
alpha 15

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Seed: 1069729798

It has several interesting places.

Edit: Same seed but for the desert biome xD