Interesting World Seeds


that valley up in the corner reminds me of the type of place i used to always settle before water was introduced, definitely going to be using this seed for my next game, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Okay, phew. I didn’t realize it was standing on the mountain - I thought this was a heretofore unseen golem size (by me, atleast) - I’ve seen all three variations of them, I thought this one was a fourth.


That’s actually the Golem King that your Hearthlings have to combine into one Mega-Hearthling in order to combat it.


i am looking for a good with a river runnin across the map…i had one but deleted cause i wasnt paying attention
Thanks :smiley: share if you got something :smiley:


@Redstarr225 do you mean something like this map (because the “rivers” are more like lakes) or do you really mean a thin river ?
WorldSeed: 1230353410


Found an amazing seed in the desert.


Found a seed that I am probably going to use for as long as I can -


The top left corner of the map provides pretty much every start in the forest desired.

You can settle by the lake, in the plains, by the mountains:

The small + shaped lake in the foothills in the middle of the map can provide a great location:

Or you can brave the mountain pass for a high-resource, high-defensible position:

I, personally, will be starting in the plains (henceforth called Knighton Valley; to hold the city of Knighton) between the lake (Karn Lake) and the mountains (the Stone Mountains to the west and Gray Mountains to the south) which are separated by a small pass (The Iron Pass)… man, I should start one of those town journals that seem to get so popular. I love the names the generator-- I mean I came up with.


i had one litterly with a river dioganal xD but as a dummy as i am i deleted the world by accident :stuck_out_tongue:


i doo like it :slight_smile:


I’ve been keeping a text file of seeds based on various features I found interesting. Some of these will have been mentioned by others in this thread.

102333461 Big Lake
1510333688 Big Lake
1922102842 Lake Peninsula
1595753824 Lake Peninsula
1622736116 Two Islands
268058771 Double Lake Peninsula
1820434887 Mountain Lake
201715468 Mountain Range
1828578432 Lake Island
55699593 Lake Island
1920432412 Lake Island
1776775430 Lake Island
1090234017 Low Mountain Lake
498729059 Enclosed Forest w/ Lake Above
442750360 Big Mountain Circle
2068894993 Lake Penisulas
2068960529 Lake Penisulas
2069026065 Lake Penisulas
281820628 Mountain Lake
1734663985 Mountain Range
793251901 Two Islands
2124273339 Mountain Lake
42590 Lake Island
27777556 Lake Island
543382961 Mountain Lake
163853068 Mountain Forest Valley
1550603142 Mountain Lake
1043042623 Mountain Lakes
1991699165 Lake Island
2017754480 Lake Island Enclosed Stone Valley
768706351 Mountain Lakes
1254273629 Large Lakes
1659739696 Mountain Lake
1880680972 Mountain Range
1616746536 Mountain Lakes
1623245390 Forested Stone Lake
1227146398 Mountain Enclosed Lake

2024083557 3 Walled Canyon
1751135005 Enclosed Canyon

199633062 mountain island
621368067 dragon island
520646226 enclosed valley islands
1898610547 enclosed valley island
1901559987 long island
500958103 island ring
1932333182 lake island
739374242 long island


lol Heart :smiley: Love it and going to start on it :smiley:


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A few ones i thinks have pottential :smiley:


Remember you can change the last couple digits to try to find the perfect version of the map


try 369384823 and 369384824


1623221178 desert
700165689 desert

Some lakes and a nice landscape.
Btw it seems like desert landscapes are more… condensed? There are more details and they are smaller, so while we have the same chunk of the map in terms of size it generally looks more interesting than forest ones.


a verry nice seeed :smiley:


Hee, Redstarr

I was looking for a map where I could build a castle on a large flat space and where I had acces to mountains for mining.
Well this is the perfect map for that, if you look on the right-side between the lake and the mountains.
Thanks for posting this, you made my day.

Joas Weeda


Glad you like it thats why i shared the seed :smiley:


1146654975 in A16 unstable (dev-2924)

I liked that large mountain lake, but the large lake between two mountains is a nice place to settle, too.