Interesting World Seeds


This one has made my favourites list, and high up on it. Thank you very much for it!


So I’ve played pretty much every seed on this thread, anyone got any new ones?


i have a whole bunch of screenshots of seeds i still need to sort through, so i’ll see about looking through those after the weekend.

but in the mean time here’s the first desert world i played in,

the little valley sorta place where my mouse is (upper right corner) was a pretty good spot if i’m not mistaken…


Looks promising, but im honestly not too keen with the desert worlds right now XD still fairly new and getting used to certain elements of the game so ill stick with the forest and the Ascendancy for now :stuck_out_tongue: tried like, 2 desert games and those went horrible, and i was on peaceful :sob:


well lucky for you the rest of the seeds i have are forest seeds! but it might be awhile before i get around to sorting through em all,

so for now i would suggest just rolling the “random map generator” untill you find something awesome :wink:


Im actually using the seed 6969 that i got from this thread atm XD its going pretty well, little strapped for ore because im on an island but traders bring me lots and i give them chairs so its okay


I got a cool seed, but I forgot to screen shot, it had so many massive lakes! Around 10 large - massive lakes! :’(


@SpagBolChomper, if you still have a save of the game, you can look up the seed by typing world_seed into the console!


i have a whole bunch o’ seeds i need to sort through, for now i’m just gonna toss these two up,

the place where i have my mouse seemed like a pretty good spot for RC, nice little nook in the mountains with a large lake in front.

this one is definitely good for a more creative person then myself, the center of the map looks like a really good spot for building a castle or something, only problem i see is the fact it dips down in the center.


On the topic of similarities and adding to what Tuhalu mentioned, the seed seems to just give an x-axis-value for whatever noise generator they’re using. I made a gif with seeds 1 to 40 to illustrate it. Kinda cool to look at, if I may say so myself.

Useful information about world seeds -- how to get closer to the world you want!

Interesting. So the general shape moves slowly but the details change more randomly.


we need to create a gif that goes to like 200 that would look pretty cool.


Wow. I’m actually kind of surprised that the noise generator has that little difference at the highest level across similar numbers. I mean, I guess it’s not normally a problem when there are billions of billions of seeds, but I would have expected them to do something to separate out the numbers a bit more.

Like multiplying the x-value by some number to make the jumps bigger.

Or better yet, using the seed to run the RNG a certain number of times and then taking one number as the index to the x-axis and the next number as the index to the y-axis. If the random number is sufficiently large, you’ll have some really different results from one seed to the next.


Honestly, were it not for this gif, I would have never noticed - so does it really matter?


I actually think it’s quite useful to know. Take that valley in the upper center in Seed 1 as an example: It’s got a very small lake in it with a second small one a level above it to the north. The higher the seed goes, the larger the upper lake becomes up to seed ~20 only to disappear later on. Even though the little lake has disappeared you’ve still got that nice little valley now with more water to play with.
So it’s worth checking out the neighboring seeds to see if it might better fit what you’re searching for if you find a seed that does have some traits you like.
Likewise, two separate but very close lakes might turn into one big lake a couple of seeds on top.
Wondering if seed generation will stay this way until the final release. Was as surprised as Tuhalu when I put the gif together. At first I thought nothing would change when I tried out seeds 1 to 3. Trying out decimal steps then made it clearer.


This is my favourite seed at the moment:

My current embark is at the single rock formation at the foot of the mountains (kind of in the middle of the map).
Love it. You can hollow it out for minerals and early quarters, lots of trees around, just berry bushes are rare (=nonexistent…).
Currently building a mighty castle on top.


I haven’t actually played on this world, But I thought it looked awesome, and had some potential, and plus its amazingly shaped!



So, using that one in A15 gets you:

It’s actually quite nice IMO!


Wow! The middle is really interesting and not only in your opinion. There are also a few spots that are interesting as well like in the N-W :grinning:


I found a World Seed that gives you two islands on one lake: