Interesting World Seeds


I’m looking for “small” north-south box canyon style shapes in the terrain at the edge of the mountains.

Here is an example from one of @SirStafford’s maps…

If that was all I wanted, I’d be done. Unfortuantely, I was hoping to find an example closer to the center of a world map (this one is pretty close to the edge), maybe with a lake above it that I could turn into a river running through the valley.

If anyone finds a likely example, please share. We aren’t all nuts for islands here :smiley:


gimme a sec to find it, i found one earlier that might be a perfect fit for that description.

edit: hmm… i could only find this one,

apparently i didnt snag a screenshot of the one that fit the description of the one you wanted :disappointed:

edit #2: and oh wow, after scrolling a bit further up i discovered that @SirStafford had posted one almost identical…,


It isn’t what I was looking for, but I think it definitely fits as an “interesting world seed”. I like the large wooded valley nested between two mountains. I’m imagining the Hearthlings forming a farming community in the valley, eventually digging a tunnel or pass through the north-east side and then building into a trading town. You’d have monsters living on the mountains and sometimes they’d come down to fight each other, right in the middle of the hearthlings town :o

I’m hoping as development continues, they’ll find ways to generate more features that lend themselves to a story like that.


ooh, this is an interesting one,

that little mountain with the lake would be a quite good place for a castle… in fact i might have to build one myself now that i think about it.


One of my favourite ones so far, a little island or two, steep mountains, it’s got some interesting things to offer.

My little village is near the southern island, embarking there will essentially put you in a valley with mountains on tree sides and a waterway that flows off the edge at the last side.


I’m surprised I’m the only one immature enough to have found this seed…
I actually built an entire island village on it titled Bunny Island xD (It kinda looks like a bunny!)


Lovely island and village, especially the barn :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.


Just wanted to say my appreciation for this map. LOVE it!


Hello,only had the game for a few days now, but already put 20 hours into it. Figured I would post this nice little seed I found. It has a small mountain top that is all grass with enough trees to get you going and never have to worry about being attacked I would think until you make a path to the lower levels to head for the mountain for ores.


If you like to be between mountains, then this could be the map for you.

For lazy people looking for copy-paste; 1793673881


I made this one this morning, it looks promising (colouring is from the Frostfeast Holiday mod)

I feel a bit stupid - how do you actually use a seed to spawn a map? Or can you currently?



If you have or want to use a world seed, all you need to do is select and remove the numbers next to “World Seed” and then you can type or paste in any world seed you find.

Hope that helped :wink:


The preview map doesn’t update then?


Hey @Kittyodoom, that has been reported before…try deleting one of the numbers (like the 5 in the image above, and retyping it…that should help (might have to hit enter too).


That got it working, thank you!


No problem, and welcome to the Discourse!


I was testing out some of the listed seeds; many of the earlier ones seem to be different now, though I’m not certain if that’s just because I have the Frostfeast mod or if it is from version change. But some are still nice, have a look for yourself!





497659368: (My favourite so far)


One more, just one more for now, I promise. But this one gave me one of the best early games I’ve had so far:


I’ve noticed there aren’t really an postings for the desert biome, and I have been greatly enjoying this one:

I mean, just look at this brilliant little valley:

There’s even a local!

I’ve used this seed twice now (mean ol’ goblins…), and had one pop up each time - I made a proper shrine of him and everything ^.^



Nice canyon up top, great location for ore and big enough for a decent city.