Interesting World Seeds




thank you for that sciency explanation of seeds @Tuhalu, i actually found that a very interesting read :smile:


Yeah, i would like to know any cool world seeds like if you can find gold on the grass,tin,silver and iron and if there like a little island in the middle of the water thats what i would like to know.


i’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible to give you a seed like that for two reasons,

  • ore veins are randomly generated as you explore the world, they aren’t created with the world

  • ore veins cant spawn in grass/dirt unless they branch out from a vein in the mountains

so i’m afraid no one can give you a seed with good ore vein “placement” :confused:


he can make a mod and replace the boulders or add the resources ore to them THEN its possible ^^ Sooo never say again that something isnt possible in Stonehearth :wink:


i actually have done that with my “more gold” mod, but thats not quite the same as the vanilla ore veins :wink:


The one I am playing right now, and I absolutely adore it so much.


Noice! I like the layout as well


I know you guys like islands…


this one looks really interesting…


I know the map generator is subject to change, but I think it’d be interesting to have these put in numeric order and displayed on the main site in a slideshow setup.


Had to share this one, as amazing as this map is looking.

If you select the specific tile that I’ve highlighted, it gives you this map, which (IMO) gives you a port town, with a massive water reservoir to drain from on the mountain.:



For the love of Stonehearth…


This has been a fun little map for me:


Nice little surrounded island on developmental 2620


When Stonehearth decides to show thier love for thier supporters :3 <3


Try this one :smiley: i find her cute :smiley:



OK, after many hours of gameplay, this one seems as close to ideal as I could get with the current worldgen system:

Note the two - z - level cliff and the nice clean peninsula with lots of trees and the nearby berry bushes.


Hello :smiley:

Try this one :


It’s a nice surprise i think :smiley: