Interesting World Seeds


One time, I tried to mine a castle out of one of the pink stone. I would’ve loved to have two touching like that.

…I wonder if there are even more of them close together somewhere in all the possible worlds? I wouldn’t think so because because two still seems pretty rare, but this is certainly promising.


I’ve used this seed many times, it has four pink blocks together:


two islands, easily bridged together


Ooooh, nice! And that’s a lot of water. With a bit of mining, or some clever choosing of the world borders… you have “ocean” access.

I’m going to type some of these seeds out so they can be easily copied and pasted (and therefore more easily used), if no one minds.







Since I can’t like it more than once:
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Can’t recall if I’ve shared this one before - it’s one of my favourite Forest seeds:
(Vanilla, no mods - including Rivers; not sure how it looks with that one on)



Looks like a good one for MP :slight_smile:


Found a lovely RC seed for anyone who likes to start in a closed little valley. At the settlement cursor.


What a lovely future site for my new empire…


Can I find out what my map seed was from a save?


Yes. Hit Ctrl-c which will pull up the console above the game’s interface. Then world_seed or something to that effect will return the seed.


ewok tree village HEREEEE I COMEEEE!!!

thx Kitty!

And this would be epic to use with giant map cheers @Fornjotr

Anyone help me find a good seed?

Now i know @sdee says we cannot do this due to exloding PC’s but surely… if you could actually release the biome file to some of us who have awesome pc’s? and then using the giant Map then it would be a dream come true!

Or maybe someone could actually rescale the entire biome and make it usable on one map? (but then that would just cause scaling issues QQ)


If anyone’s looking for a tiny valley for a change, I came across this one recently:


Map Seed: 376744994
Amazing selection toward the bottom left of map, bridges and connections across the lake etc.


Would be nice if we did not get those dirt hole on islands. that would make them 100 more attractive :slight_smile:



This one was posted earlier in the thread. It’s a nice map. Flat island without the hole


Nice thanks :smiley: my brother and me will like that one


We need a map for the Desert biome, I find it much harder to get a nice seed there. Also, versions with Bruno’s Rivers mod would be nice. I can get into doing that in the evening.

That being written: I need a Desert seed with a somewhat large but not too high plateau in the middle for a project of mine involving Archmod (both for fun and mod testing).


Tundra, with Rivers mod: