Interesting World Seeds


988978469 looks cool, although I cant get a pic, 2029647318 that one is AMAZING, potential BIG island…? Idk just stuff I found


Hey, I’ve found this seed: 1283000056

I’m planning on walling myself off in the area where my dot is and doing farms round the lake, a city on the mountains and mining inside them for little hobbit holes/vaults. Any other suggestions or tips as im new to stonehearth :slight_smile:


One island in a lake just over the center of the map, two islands in a second lake on the bottom of the map, an easily defended land bridge in between three lakes in the bottom-right corner, and a solitary mountain just to the left of the second lake.


You and I met the same seeds!


Hello! My first post here. I hope you like this seed …



You can select any seed with this map


Anyone help me find a good seed?

I found one with three islands in one lake.


This is my favorite map, the berry bushes are a great start.


I really like this seed (2126478915) because it has a bunch of neat areas. Lots of lakes on the mountains, an island on the bottom left corner and a peninsula into a large lake that is surrounded by mountains. I started a map on the peninsula and there are 10 berry bushes right around the half t shaped ‘hole’. Definitely worth checking out!


If you like berry bushes, the large island on the bottom of seed 1856755681 has 26, along with a few wild silkweed and flowers. There’s another island very close - easily within bridge distance - with a few more bushes and silk and flowers, plus one of the large land masses is also quite close, with dozens more berry bushes and plenty of silkweed and both types of flowers. The only real drawback is there’s almost no stone unless you go way out of your way, so you might end up being Rufus Garrow’s favorite customer :wink:

Still, you could actually grow a large community without ever farming or trapping just by living off the berries :slight_smile:


Cool island and surrounding area


132458796 this place was kinda cool


Hi everyone ! Sorry for pushing this Thread up but i found a pretty cool Map Seed its 474592782 and pretty mutch the whole 7xx number is useable example 474592"7xx"


That’s an awesome seed, thanks very much for bringing it up! There are several options for making harbour cities, an island, mountains/valleys, good plains for building on… there’s a lot to work with there, and as you say, the last couple of digits can be changed in order to vary the terrain slightly so I’m sure there will be even more options from that. I’d expect that those peninsulas could easily become islands too if the last digits were changed.


yah i managed to get around 4-5 islands in that middle and too around 3 on top cant remember now the seeds :frowning: sorry, well i found out that around under the “720” area it starts to become more mountains good for dwarfes should take a look on it rarely some green for me it was the best playing from the “740” till the “900s” and than i sticked to “777” XD i find it nice


Lol sorry, i found another one 252789153 it might not seem alot Interesting at the first look but if you look closely, thers on the left bottom side a huge area with a lake and above the lake its easy to dig trough the Mountain into that little green area !! And there are nice Valleys betwene the big Lakes inkl 2 islands where 1 is connected to both sides ! But that little green area inside the Mountain made me post this at the first Place since it have a little lake right infront of :slight_smile:


Boot Lake! 1145087761


I found a rare desert mountain with what appeared to be two pink peaks - so of course I had to try starting out there.

It’s even cooler than I hoped!

There’s also a few sizes of lakes and some other terrain people might find interesting.


I found one, too! They’re so cool - I never noticed such occurrences before!