Interesting World Seeds


This seed contains a lake that appears like a downwards pointing arrow! I can see some interesting cities / villages being built on and around this! Please try this and show me what you create with it.

(Ignore the second half of the screenshot, my double monitor takes screenshots of both images :stuck_out_tongue: )

SEED : 1062233426


haha, great seed! :smile:

the game actually has a built in screenshot function, hit PrtScn and it’ll take a screenshot, then go to the screenshots folder, located under this file path if you play through steam,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\screenshots

and any screenshots you’ve taken should be there

hope that helps :slight_smile:


Of course, thanks! I completely forgot about that lol


Nice area. Using it myself at the moment.
Seed: 21087364


i made an account just to post this seed I found, it’s a pretty cool canyon/valley that I got. I can already see myself building a town here. The seed is 161476331.
Here is map screenshot:

And here it is in-game:

As I said, i made an account just to post this seed, and if I find anymore cool ones I will also post them here.


Its nice but i prefer to live in the other place, not the desert :stuck_out_tongue:


527834184 has a nice defensible Mountain valley with an oasis at the front of it. Wouyld make for a nice location for a heavily fortified Rayyas Children city, with an Oasis theme.


Found this neat looking seed I thought I should share :slight_smile:


Has a starting spot in the north that is utterly surrounded by mountains.


This one is really good. It has a huge peninsula with a camp area already there, surrounded by trees and plenty of berry bushes. Map

In the picture i had already cut down the trees and moved the berry bushes together but there were a lot ;).

Seed - 1594187110


The First link didnt work ill try it like this Stonehearth Map Seed - Album on Imgur Stonehearth Map - Album on Imgur



I’ve been playing seed 802612644 for a while now and it’s awesome. If you like islands then you’re going to love this map. Furthermore the hilltop lake on the seed map looks interesting as well, I’ll probably check that part of the map out in the future.




Hey, I found a world seed with a large body of water and… and island in that body of water! (didn’t get a screenshot; if it isn’t obvious enough it’s in the bottom left)

seed: 2074588213


I found a really nice one :slight_smile:


Hey guys I found a pretty cool seed that you people might enjoy I look forward to what you guys create :D.

Awesome seed found with lake and moutains!

oh btw i made a littl screenshot of where i settled there :slight_smile:


974355819 I found a nice map with lakes that have peninsulas for defense purposes


I found a nice map the other day, it seemed to have a lot of potential :stuck_out_tongue: