Interesting World Seeds


Would you look at that. Thank you, perhaps we’ll erect a cat statue in your honor… like a pixelated sphinx or something.



top right nice gradual opening to slowly build your town walls outward towards the bottom of the map


Thought this map was interesting. Large body of water, an island, 2 1/2 peninsulas… The bottom peninsula has 24 berry bushes on it, with 8 more just to the south of it.



I have released a new website with some interesting World Seeds for Stonehearth. It’s in construction phase but maybe someone want to share his Seeds with the other Players. Feedback is always desired :slight_smile:

Stonehearthseeds Website


I must say I also like the names that you have given to the maps, adds lots of flavor :hamburger:


Thanks xD

I am glad you like it! I tried also to create a short story for the single maps. :smiley:
Hopefully i can add more maps soon to create a nice collection.


Easy to defend, a lot of resources and mountains all around.


I was just curious if anyone has found a nice map where there is water up on the top mountain layer (sixth layer above foothills)that could be channeled down into a defensible valley? I’m so used to playing islands and peninsulas that a nice valley seems like a good bet. Also, is there a way to learn the seed of a currently played map is?

  • Press Ctrl + C to bring up the console
  • Then use the world_seed command

Finding Map Seed in Saved Game

I’m playing on this one at the moment, is this what your looking for?


Hey guys! I’m new here but I figured I’d contribute. Just started playing yesterday and I already love it! Found this awesome seed too, it has a few different little islands you guys might like!



Close, the water is on “Mountain layer 1”, I’m looking for one with the water on the sixth layer of mountain. I think map layers go like this: Plains(brown recessed areas) / Plains / Foothills / Foothills / Mountain / Mountain / Mountain / Mountain Peak / Mountain Peak / Mountain Peak. I’d like the water to be on the highest mountain peak, and to be able to channel it down to some body of water ideally. I’m not even fully sure if the game would allow water to generate that high on a map, this is as close as I’ve gotten in about an hour of rolling, still one off from the “top” layer


It is possible, but extremely rare, cause each layer is smaller than the one below it. When we get to the top most, there is not room to spawn lakes…
Also, at Temperate the top most is layer 7, not 6. But for the same reason of the rare water, is very difficult to reach/generate that layer cause each layer gets smaller and has less space. Layer 6 is already very small, so very hard to get room for the 7th…

Besides all this, there still one big problem you will find, water in this game is more realistic than other games, like minecraft. Which means that if you let the water go down, the top lake will eventually be empty.


Here’s one.


Lakes on the mountain? Like this?


Found a seed for 1 big island



I found this very beautiful seed

Seed: 1118876952

Anyone help me find a good seed?

Here’s a desert seed (250741844) with a very nice canyon in it. It’s got trees and loads of resources (at least in my instance of it!) and a nice area near the mouth that can be easily translated into a stepped slope.


That’s awesome! While it gives me so much imagination for a Rayya’s City, i really suck at bulding, i hope someone can really make that into a amazing looking city, it seems to be perfect for it!
(Or, like, a large Village, it not, ‘That’ big of space)


Okay, I just had to quit the project I was thinking of starting and do this now.