Interesting World Seeds



Found this one by accident. Did nit see it on the map completely. 2 great peaks, 2 rabbit statue’s close by and a lower hole perfect for defence start.


Anorien Map

For those that like islands and mountains.

MOD - Anórien Biome

how did you get this one?


He was using the Anorien mod, which changes the world gen.



notice there is a lot of something…
There are 89 easily accessible berry bushes in this valley, perfect for a hard mode game as no need for a farmer :smile:
If you cut the map right you can get a total of 119 berry bushes, if you are willing to walk for miles and build a bridge to the island :wink:


Found an island in the desert…
(Look to the right.)


Okay, I’m definitely playing with 1045891341 at some point.


Anórien Biome MOD

I stumbled over an inviting seed while testing some code.

-Don’t like neighbors? -No Problem ^^
I immediately thought of this Castle! “Image.01” "Image.02"
Seed 1574529344

Check out more here (=


i would prefer if we split the mod generated maps from the maps the original game makes, because those not using the mods would just be notified of not usable world seeds.


Noted (On my part anyway) :relaxed:
I just started a thread for seeds generated by the Anórien Biome MOD :+1:


Seed: 1100661509
I told myself, water is useful to build bridges.
I never specified how much


Anyone have a Lake with a Perfect port area?


'scuse my ignorance, but why is water important?


aesthetics and defense


for building a harbour it would be nice to have a bigger spot of water. Hopefully later on there will be more uses for water


Has anyone found a seed that has an island or peninsula without that little sandy divot in the middle of it?
Those things ruin my ideas of having a courtyard or park looking thing in the middle of my build.



I heard you like water and mountains, so I’d put some water in your mountains!

Here is an Interesting one. It has a big lake with mountains on either side and lots of trees. Haven’t played it yet so I can’t really tell you anything about the map other than it looks like it has lots of resources.
and for those who don’t want type the seed is as follows: 696969
I’m guessing a lot of people have tried this one? Sorry if this one has already been posted, and for those of you who haven’t tried it… shame on you!!! >:D
Anyways enjoy! (


Also if you want to create a seed from a word you can use this.

Just know that if the word is too long or if you try to use multiple words the number can come out very long, and then the game will convert it to a decimal…
Have fun!


Hey look in the middle there on that lake… you got yourself a peninsula with no divot!
1729548638 is the seed to seek