Indie Games - Night In The Woods

A while back I found this article on Rock Paper Shotgun about this game and how it was being Kickstarted. As usual, here I am, a few weeks after the Kickstarter talking about the game. :unamused:

So, Night In The Woods seems like a nice little game and I was really interested in it. :blush:

So, now that I told you about it’s presence and it’s existence, what do you think about the game? Does it intrigue you, or bore you? Does it seem like a great deal for the money, or not? :question:

The game is going to come out in around 2015. :clock1130:

Here is the link to the Kickstarter and here is the video from the Kickstarter. :smile:

As well as two pictures. :camera:

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i saw this early on (i know, surprise!), but it just didnt really do “it” for me… i do however with the campaign and developers the best of luck! :+1:

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I was interested in it by the fact that it looks, well, kind of artsy, and the fact that it looked fun.

We can’t really judge the entire game until we see the reviews and we play the game, but for now, all we can do is wait a few years.

But hey, all we have to do is wait and see if it really is worth it.

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i like this art style allot and smooth animations could tell if cutscene or gameplay

I also think the first version of the game’s music score, is well done.

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I would post a Soundcloud version of it, if I just knew how to do it.

first 5 sek reminded me of breaking bad haha