Kickstarter - Hyper Light Drifter

sorry folks, but here’s another stellar (to me, at least) campaign

Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.

the art style just really worked for me… i dunno, this may be an insta-pledge…


Oh Gee Em.

This is why I call Kickstarter my new game store >_> This looks absolutely incredible.

Wow, that is just amazing! I’m already backing 2 games right now.

Mighty No. 9

River City Ransom: Underground

The Mighty No. 9 as a good team and I have really high hopes the game will do well.

River City Ransom: Underground brings back so many memories and it looks like it’s heading in the right direction.

All three of these games are going to be amazing and fun. I can’t wait to play them.

I guess, I will back Hyper Light Drifter too. #KSbroke

yes, im feeling the pain in my rear wallet as well… im entirely thankful KS hasnt figured out a way to tie your back account directly to the site…

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Oh geez, so many comparisons came to me at once trying to describe the game during the video! The graphics remind me a lot of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, but I’m also getting a Big O/ Evangelion/ Nauusica of the Valley of the Wind vibe from all the story elements and artwork. Post-apocalypse and giant robots and all that.

(Those are good things in my book, by the way.)

I got a FEZ feel to the way everything (in the background) is laid out.

wow, 27 days to go, and they are over 500% funded… i think folks liked the idea… :smile:

they’re plowing through the stretch goals as well… guess im about to be $10 poorer…


HOLY $#&*!!! Kirby time - <(^^<) <(^^)> (>^^)>

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yeah, i cant quite put my finger on it, but the art style really speaks to me…

and given the 200k stretch goal, seems we’ll get a heavy dosage! :+1:

edit: a handful of new updates are available, and they campaign continues to tick away at those stretch goals… seems like the developer will be able to hire some new help, once he surpasses the 300k stretch… :smiley:

i am just really digging the art style… and the pixel graphics are just too swank:

edit #2: just surpassed 300k… new team member coming on-board… :+1:

and apparently a kick a** update tomorrow…

edit #2: closing in on 15k backers and 375k… and i finally got around to pledging last night… i only went in for $10, but that beta is calling my name… decisions, decisions!

edit #3: the game was just greenlit:+1:

edit #4: the money train just keeps on truckin… broke past 450k, and steadily headed towards wii u support… good grief, i love the art on display here… i believe we’ll see some new gameplay footage soon as well… :smiley: