Inappropriate display of re-roll dices

… or so. Actually it is not a real bug. However, on the new world map, the right dice is showing a “4” on top and a “3” on the attached face below. As the opposite faces on a “real” dice always sum up to 7, this specific dice cannot exist (the 3 should be on the opposite site and therefore not visible)… I guess :wink:.


Bravo Sir, Bravo




I applaud you too :clap:

best Darth Vadar voice

I find your attention to detail, disturbing… :wink:


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a dice roll no escape from reality.

Maybe dice in the Stonehearth universe do not add up to 7. All we know is, technically, that one dice has 2/4/1 and another 2/4/3. Everything else is purely guessed and cannot be proven.

I mean, it could be a sign too. Assuming both dice are made the same way, we have 3 on the opposite of 1, which adds up to 4, which is the only other visible number.

In my head canon, all other sides read “Go to Jail”. They’re from “Monopoly for Advanced Players”.


So how are the sides placed?

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:facepalm: I was talking to @voxel_pirate but that’s cool too. It kinda helped me understand anyway.


Typically they look like this:

I know what they look like normally. :faceplam:

That’s what he posted. That’s what a dice normally looks like if you “unfolded” it. I’m not sure what you expect…

I know what they look rl, but not in game.

Sorry, but your question was a bit vague. I have described in the first post how one of them looks like “in the game”. Just start it and take a look :wink:.

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I noticed this while playing r122 today. One of the dice (the one on the right) is wrong. It shows a :: (4) adjacent to a ,-’ (3) [see screenshot below], but dice always have the 3 opposite to the 4. Dice always have opposite faces summing to 7 (1 opposite 6, etc.). Basically, one of the numbers on that die should be changed. This is not at all important, but it would be nice if it were fixed.

how much is this bothering you
but well done anyway

as impressive (and slightly OCD) as this is… you are surprisingly not the first person to point this out… :smile:

I’ll see if I can track down the other thread…

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A surprising amount. The OCD, it must be sated…

Burn the heretic who did not draw the Die Properly!!! BURN HIM!!! (And @Geoffers747 while your at it, His sanity, it must be said, is in severe question!!!)