Game taskbar ICON and animated ROLL DICE

Its a small suggestion.

To create a TASKBAR ICON. I know its just a cosmetic thing and can wait.

Other thing is to made those CUBES animated


Sometimes, it can be the small things that really help to create an experience. While these are by no means top-priority issues, they would be nice.

Have to agree, not alpha stuff really but very much a small detail that adds to the overall feel :stuck_out_tongue:

When it comes to the dice, what bothers me more is the fact that I can see both the 3 and 4 pip sides of the right-hand dice. Those faces are supposed to be opposite each other!

But having them roll when re-rolling a map would definitely be a nice touch. :slight_smile:


Animated dice would be cool. They could each land on a different number every time.

As for the taskbar icon, maybe the same icon they use for the desktop shortcut!

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