Importing old save-files

Well people i don’t know if you know this yet or not.
But apparenlty it is possible to load older save file versions. Meaning older build versions. For example a r233 biuld save can be played by the r240 build and it’ll solve the issues (apparently)!

So this si mainly to ppl who have been working on big builds, you no longer have to start over it seems!

Can you elaborate on how to do this? Do you have to adjust a number somewhere in one of the savegame files, or there another button next to “Load” that can actually do that?

while this is excellent news for those folks with many hours invested, I wouldn’t count on this going forward… at least, not until TR makes an official update on backwards compatibility (between releases)…

as we’ve heard, this will likely not happen until we reach beta…


I had a save from r233 that said incompatible on the title screen, but tried loading it like normal to see if it might work. It did and I played about an hour and didn’t notice any issues.


indeed, @SteveAdamo is right tho… Be carefull with it but for now it is possible i just fear that as soon as a new version is released this might no longer be the case… What i do know is that atm i got a very nice village going with 20+ citizens and no errors so far! :smiley:

for those interested here’s the save i have been importing since r230:

<div style=font-size:9px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;width:127px;font-color:#44a854;> online backup storage


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It is possible, but it’s sort of frowned-upon. That said, I’ve done this a ton myself, but be careful, random bugs may come to get you.

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Correct… Yes you can use old save games when they only change some lines in the code but when they implent something New it will Crash or you dont get the New Infos/options…

The issue with the New Info i have also in the same Version while translating xD Sooo at the Moment i hope that they will the hidden [SPOILER] back to Menu [/SPOILER] function :wink: