If me and a friend split 45 dollars for kickstarter the 2 beta's and 2 full games

if me and a friend split 45 dollars for kickstarter the 2 beta’s and 2 full games how will that work do we get two account or one to share

I assume you would get 2 accounts or it would completely defeat the object of getting two games…

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I would imagine you would each have a game account, that would seem to be the most logical way of doing things.

How this is handled I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but it would make sense to have separate game accounts.

Yea I did the same thing and my friend bought the game, just wondering what will happen

Judging from experience, what will happen is that you would get two redeemable serial keys (or similar) that you can register to two separate accounts, or the same account i would assume could also work.

A good question to ask is if u both get access to the beta backer forums. I don’t know the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Two separate accounts I believe… How else do you expect them to distribute 2 separate games…

i asked the developers they said we get two different accounts

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