Any way to get 1 beta and 1 full game?

I only want 1 beta and 1 full game. I don’t need 2 versions of the full game :confused: Is there a way of doing this? I don’t mind paying for 2 because I want to support the game; I just feel like I’m missing something.

Schmillt; the 2 games + 1 beta is a bonus. It used to be the same price for 1 game + 1 beta, so you’re getting a bonus copy for free. You can’t deduct the free thing from your cost.

Basically it’s like buying an item from a store where it says: Buy one, get one free!
You can’t then go in and ask if you can have just one of the items for half price ;3


Aw awesome! Thanks for the info! I’m sure I can give the other key to my girlfriend and persuade her to play!

you could always go halves with someone and get the 45 or 50 dollar pledge route. you will then get 2 betas and 2 full copies. then its a win win for two!

It does mean you only get one set of rewards though; at +$5 each you get all of the reward content, and it would mean that everyone else gets the benefit of that +$10 total that could change the entire day!

Who knows what that 10 dollars could bring! Perhaps the meal bought with it will provide the energy for an amazing new concept! The extra electrolytes might be the catalyst for some epic creation that catapults the game into the new millennium!