Idle Bug Managing it and My experiments

Morning all, as you know ive had serious issues with Idle bug, and recently Lua bugs in raayas children.

The Idle bug starts around 25-30 hearthlings.

I started a recent mission, and spawned in 30 hearthlings to get jobs done, and I carried out a mix of testing, buildings, mining, lumber jacking, clay pits, and general stress test.

What I have found is that unless you have 10+ spare workers moving materials about, you are going to end up with a lot of idling, as they literally crash their brains because they are unable to determine what to do 1st.

I guess this s a little like real life.

So, reloading helps push them into working. ( I will add that the AI is so much better now and the idle bug appears to be seriously diminished)

So, to manage it, only mine what you meed, or cut down what you need. Do it in phases. i.e. when a harvest has just occurred, then build/, or mine, or lumberjack. etc. Done to it when harvest is due… otherwise the farmers leave the harvest where it is etc!!

As a result, I now have a fully functioning castle, and 5-10 soldiers!!

happy building.

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