Idle Hearthlings and newcomers

Hello, first time posting here. I’m not sure that I post in the right section, sorry if I’m wrong.

So I want to share 2 things.

  1. All my hearthlings/citizens went idle. they don’t work, even when there is a lot to do. everyone except the footman, they still patroling. More to it, all of them are hungry, with the drumstick bubble, but they don’t eat. and they have a pet racoon, that are hungry and don’t eat too. Additional info: I have 19 Hearthlings. Is it because there is too much of them, that the program don’t work well?

  2. It’s about the newcomers from daily update. I understand that the appear in random places near the settlement, but please make it/ check if they can reach it. I have 3 or more that appear at the mountain. 1 of them died because of starvation, since I don’t realize it sooner. the other are OK since I already knew and build a ladder so they can go down. For this one, I don’t really know if this is a bug or suggestion.

Thank you for your time.

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firstly, welcome to the discourse :smile:

secondly, im pretty sure that the idle bug is reported somewhere else already, thanks anyways :smile:

thirdly, hearthlings spawning on unreachable levels isnt really a bug, but i agree, it would be nice if they couldnt.

yes, I reported this bug earlier I’ll link it:


Similar to the idle worker bug, a worker is showing as idle in the hearthling list, and all other workers are functioning normally. When I click on the idle text to center on the hearthling the screen recenters where the hearthling should be. There is no Hearthling present. Using xray and slice to see if it’s in the rock somewhere does not reveal the hearthling.

Tried promoting him to various roles to bring him out, but that did not work. When reselecting new role, it continued to show as a worker as if the promotion did not take effect.

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IMHO while this bug is related to the idle worker bug, it may have a different cause (which may in turn help to determine the cause of the idle worker, and or pick up put down bug. I also experienced almost all of my hearthlings (except the footman on patrol, and my weaver who was working on orders) had the drumstick (hungry) icon but they did not eat even though there was plenty of food right there on the ground. I believe this happened because the dining hall I was building was not yet complete and there was scaffolding blocking the door to the dining hall. ( I believe they wanted to enter the dining hall, but the door was blocked by the scaffolding, so they could not path to the inside). The problem is that they did not then decide to sit on the ground and eat.

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— 05SEP15 edit —
After further observation, I am not sure if the door was indeed blocked by the scaffolding, as I have seen hearthlings go through the scaffolding and doors on subsequent buildings under construction. But they definitely just stood around hungry and didn’t eat.

well hearthlings can walk through the scaffolding… so that shouldnt be a problem.

unless its the mealtime AI/pathfinding going wonky and not thinking they can go through it… that actually sounds like it has a small bit o’ potential.

Hi Crab, thanks for the reply. Yes, I just edited my post after further observation when I saw them go through a later constructed building’s scaffolding (but that may have been sleep pathing, will observe further next construction). But your thinking about the mealtime pathing sounds logical.

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