Ideas to Break the Game!

Hello all! The general idea here is to come up with as many ways as possible for people to break the game, i.e. by revealing bugs, glitches, or anything of the sort which provides the game with unfair balance.

For example, the obvious bugs (AIs not responding, buildings not showing up, etc) can be posted here, and how one would likely invoke them. On the other hand, ways to generate unfair advantages for the player (Unlimited resource generation, instant building, super high villager spawn rate, etc) should also be posted here.

So, everyone, do your best to come up with ideas to break the game!

Now, I understand that this thread is premature, but it’s never to early to think! (Unless it’s 3:75 in the morning… then it’s way too early)

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Off topic: Why is it that whenever people think of a horrible time to be awake it is always 4 in the morning?

On Topic: Two things to try, first; try rapidly resizing your window to strange sizes that are not native. Second; try giving commands to your settlers in rapid order that counter each other (example: click a tree to cut down, tell to move over to the other side of the map, cut tree, build house, etc.)

How about just try exploring a lot? It might break the terrain generation so we could get some pretty swell results.

There, is that better @Stephen_Huey?

Anyway, this is good, I like to see many ideas for crashing my computer. The more crashes, the better! Unless it’s an HDD crash… in which case, screw you guys.

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not sure that’s better, but if you want to try crashing a program you can always try the Alt+F4 that always seems to work.

craft a ridiculous amount of X… harvest every berry bush in sight… ALT-tab…

adjust settings mid-game… try to change the priority of a unit mid-task… build a pillar as high as possible…

naturally, these will all segue into bug reports, but this is interesting to try and think of scenarios that will break the game… :smile:

The simplicity is beautiful.

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I don’t know about you guys, but my favorite way to usually make a game crash, and test the integrity of my computer, is to dump glasses of water on my rig until an electrical fire starts open as many copies of the game as I can until it crashes.


That’s one way to put it.

Just to respond to your off-topic question…4:15 (or 3:75) in the morning is the worst time of day to be awake because it’s just soooo damn early to be awake (or late if you never got to bed). I mean, Mother Nature didn’t intend for humans to be awake at that time or she woulda given us cat vision right? She obviously intended for us to be snug in our beds, sleeping and dreaming stonehearthian dreams at that time.

Off topic:

But is so much more: Rives: The 4 a.m. mystery | TED Talk

SEE!!! The truth is out there my friends.