Ideas for the Crimson Empire Capital

Hello everybody, I have made some cities based around a set lore and I would like to know your ideas or inspirations on the capital of the crimson empire! should it be on a mountain? round? square? decagon? In a lake? on fire?

Just a little something for entertainment and a little creative challenge for me. Just remember that the capital isn’t small, the empire as stood for centuries!

Good luck!

For some reason I feel like Crimson is dark, eery, omnious. Lots of gothic style, high towers. Where happy hearthlings once set out, but were molded by the darkness of the forest, and adapted to the evil of the monsters who lure within. They now forge riches out of the blacks of the deepest pits they dug, for these cold valuable metals mend their even colder, lifeless little hearts.


I don’t know if it was meant but it fit the lore of the Crimson Empire quite nicelly! As a corrupted place with crooked man and woman it must feel oppresive. Good idea!

Reminded me of Orzhova from The Magic the gathering

" The Orzhov Syndicate is the Ravnican guild of business, where the values of white and black meet, where the dead exist solely to rule. Nearly every business in Ravnica ties back to the Orzhov in some devious way or another. Whilst they bear the facade of a religious group and may well have been a true faith at the signing of the Guildpact, they now worship only profit and power ."

All the background is all about Religion and power, where everything is rulled by how much money you have.

“Entrance is free, Donation are required.”